Website promotions are a great way to increase your web traffic and keep your visitor’s interest.  Getting traffic to your website has never been easier because there are literally hundreds of different strategies that work very well at promoting your site and driving traffic there, regardless of what type of product or service you are trying to sell.  The following are  website promotion tips that you can start implementing today:

  • Create a calendar that consists of special dates to remember that are specifically focused on your niche. Visit for free HTML Calendar templates you can customize to meet your needs. You will want to include upcoming trade shows, offline events, marketing conferences, and anniversary dates. These events should be added to your sales funnels.  Brainstorm promotion ideas, social media campaigns, and posts, along with the best time to implement your campaigns in advance.

A great example of putting the above tip into action would be if everyone is going to Atlanta for the Milestone Marketing conference, with over 20 mega-stars from your industry scheduled to attend and present, set up interviews with as many of the mega-stars as possible.  Even if you are only able to secure one or two interviews, you can play it up to your list.  Get the word out there through your various social media platforms and your online community groups asking that they spread the word.

  • Add that calendar you created in a highly visible location on your website or main blog.  People will get in the routine of visiting to cross-check information and dates.
  • Create a mini-press release no bigger than the size of a Twitter post. Place it in a text widget in your sidebar to keep your visitors coming back for the latest news and interesting updates.
  • Create a catchy title for your calendar and news updates area.  Use that title in Facebook conversations and start Tweeting about it.  The more of a buzz you can create about it, the more they’ll create a buzz for
  • You can follow it up when the next big event day comes up by announcing a related product launch or offer a special event discount off of previously created products.

Keeping an event calendar for your niche will also keep you in the habit of thinking constantly about promotion opportunities that you can create.  Staying on top of your niches current events and using them as promotional campaigns is a great tip you should incorporate into your daily marketing plan.

Not only will you increase your site traffic with visitors frequently checking your site to view your events calendar, but your sales and credibility will increase too!  If you’re interested in more information on making your internet traffic skyrocket, then see our previous post,  Driving Massive Internet Traffic To Your Website.

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