The blogging world has been swept away by the exciting trend of mobile blogging. 

Bloggers are originally attracted to the medium of blogging because it enables them to make frequent posts and updates to keep their readers informed.  Mobile blogs are also known as “moblogs” takes this to the next level by allowing users to post things literally as they happen. 

This keeps those surfing the web up to date with any events that are important as they are occurring anywhere in the world.  The results are making international communication more accurate and faster than ever.

What’s the Attraction?

The big attraction is that its possible to blog right from the sites where the action is happening.  Using a simple camera phone, the moblogger is able to post from the finish line or from the first row of the Presidential speech.  It gives the reader that live television coverage experience.

Blogging used to have location limitations due to the need to run home, boot up your computer, and then update your blog.  However, mobile blogging brings in a new era where online communication can happen instantly from any location.  Moblogging devices make it possible to blog from anywhere on the planet.

Moblog technology hit the market ten years ago.  However, it has only been in the past few years that its technology became user-friendly to attract consumers.  Mobloggers have stepped out from behind their desks and hit the streets. 

There are no longer location limitations.  Moblogging continues to attract more bloggers indicating its popularity is steadily increasing.  Although it’s too soon to say for certain if moblogging will dominate the market, but it’s certainly here to stay. 

Free Tools for Moblogging

  • Blogger – This is a platform that allows users to compose, edit, and publish their posts while staying mobile. 
  • PixlrExpress – Great photo editing tool that is easy to use and allows for background removal.
  • Buffer – This is a social media tool that enables you to post your blog to multiple social media platforms at the same time.  Also provides scheduling and analytics to see the impact your blog is making.

Mobile blogging provides individual control mixed with mobility which creates cutting edge technology.  There’s no doubt this rising trend will continue to grow in the future.

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