Writing a hobby blog puts you automatically in the expert seat.  You already have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.  Because you’re part of a target audience, you already know what type of content YOU want to read, what solutions readers are looking for, and the latest news in your niche. 

If writer’s block would strike, you can always flip through your favorite hobby magazine to get ideas. Obviously, you don’t want to copy the article but use it as a great resource for ideas.  Write content that has your own words, thoughts, and beliefs.  Another great resource is online forums and other blogs.  

You’ve taken the first step which is deciding that your hobby sparks a passion in you and you enjoy sharing your excitement with others.  But let’s be honest, we want to make some money while we do it!  There are many ways to generate income from a hobby blog.

Monetizing Methods

A popular method for bringing in money with your blog is using Google Adsense.  In a nutshell, it works by putting some code into your blog after enrolling with Google Adsense.  Then Google will display different types of ads on your pages once you have been approved by them.  Getting that approval is no simple task so be sure to read the terms and conditions so that you are in compliance.  If your blog is still under construction or doesn’t yet have any content on it then be aware that you will probably get rejected. It’s best to wait until your site is up and running before you apply for Adsense.   

Another popular option is using the Amazon affiliate program.  You’re paid a higher commission than Adsense because you receive a percentage of the purchase price for any sales you make using your affiliate link.  WordPress has plugins to assist you with using Amazon to bring in revenue from your blog.

You can also try using Banner Ads.  Google Adsense and Clickbank banner ads are good ways to promote products on your blog.  Normally the owners of the products will have some ready-made banners they will furnish.  

Another option is selling ad space on your blog.  You’ll need to have good traffic coming to your blog before you try to offer a sales pitch for its ad space.

Hobby blogs are a great choice because you will enjoy writing them and you can make money while you’re doing it!



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