Penguins. Pandas. Porcupines

Penguins. Pandas. Porcupines. What is it with Google and their ridonkulous updates and slapping of business owners? We’ve been slapped (it hurts). Lots of marketers we know have been slapped. One of them was John Thornhill. He showed Google the finger and went on to discover Google-independent ways to get free traffic. On a very…

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I Coulda Been a Contender

Dreamers. Internet marketing is full of them and frankly it’s gettin’ a tad embarrassing. Vision boards. Plans. Dreams. And all for what? Usually nothing because most people don’t get off their freakin’ tush and do anything. Muppets. And even for those who do start there’s a silent killer which claims yet more victims; Lack of…

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Affiliate Marketing Blues? Here are Some Useful Tips to Help You

Dealing with affiliates is among the best ways to make money on the web. There are various affiliate programs offered, using a vast array of items. Now you need to determine how to market those items to your website’s audience. Here are some pointers to enhance your affiliate marketing abilities. Product is Key You need…

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