Most online business owners spend a huge part of their time brainstorming ideas to increase their website traffic.  Sound familiar?  So, if you find yourself searching for better traffic ranking, you’re not alone.  Sometimes we believe it to be more difficult than it really is.  Using both online and offline traffic boosting strategies can increase your site traffic immensely.

The following are simple ways you can immediately boost your website traffic and convert “visitors” to “regulars”:

Online Strategies

  • Incorporate a simple call to action to bookmark your site. It’s vital that you present an enticing, convincing reason for them to respond.  Explain the benefits your offered incentive will provide them.
  • Make the most out of your cPanel. Use your logfile stats to see which keywords are pulling consistent traffic.  This information tells you the search terms people are using to locate you.  Be sure to add 2 or 3 keywords (if relevant for your topic) per page.  Maybe add a couple of pages with your exact keyword phrase as the HTML title.  Be prepared for your traffic to soar!
  • Use a Favicon to bookmark your site visually. A favicon is a small, logo-like graphic that your audience can easily identify you with. There are free favicon generators such as Genfavicon or if you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop you can create them there.  If you use Adobe Photoshop make sure you check your file extension drop-down menu.  If you’re unable to locate the “.ICO” extension then you will need to install a plugin for your version.  Use an image (like a logo) no bigger than 16 x 16 pixels to “brand” your site.

Offline Strategies

It’s important to come at any issue from different angles. We are going to go over some possibilities you may not have considered. The following are offline strategies you can use to boost your site traffic:

  • Use a local PR firm that is in tune with the latest buzz. They should have good resources that enable them to promote you to the fullest extent. Check around to get the average cost so you’ll know what you can expect to pay for their services.  You may be surprised at how affordable their services are. Using a PR firm lets you focus on spending your time where your revenue-making talents lie.  Leave the PR consultant to do what they specialize in which is promoting you and driving traffic to your site.
  • Local television is something else for you to consider. Local TV station advertising is surprisingly affordable.  Ever dreamed of being a celebrity?  Local television builds your visibility and can make you a home town celebrity that offers pleasant results.  Your press releases are more likely to get printed when newspaper editors know you’re seen on TV!
  • Offering a weekend workshop at your local college may not sound as thrilling as television advertising or hiring a Marketing Consultant but it is a long term traffic boosting strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked. The first step is to create a proposal and find out who to contact to make your pitch. Another great opportunity to boost your site traffic is by generating press releases to offline sources like trade magazines and local newspapers.  There are online free and paid PR services like PRWeb.

They say that hard work is its own reward.  The more you put into your traffic boosting, the more results you will see.  Whether it is online or offline, your marketing strategy should make the most out of every opportunity available.  For additional traffic-tools see Practical Stealth Traffic for a free membership or Turbocharge Traffic that offers helpful traffic cheat sheets.

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