So, what’s the best way to get throngs of people back to your website?  How can you create interest in a group without getting yourself banned?  Let’s go over some key points below.

  • Join several groups that target your marketing niche
  • If required introduce yourself to the group
  • In each group set up your profile with your URL and RSS feeds
  • Spend 15 minutes each day reading in your groups for a week
  • Start posting comments using a signature line that promotes you or your business product
  • Keep your posts limited so that you don’t catch the moderator’s attention
  • Offer help but don’t spam
  • Engage with any discussions and answer questions that may have generated from your posts
  • Make yourself the go-to expert
  • Branch off and create your own group doing the previous steps again.

The strategy here is to gain attention.  So, you’ll want to participate in the group’s discussion and respond with thoughtful, insightful comments.  You don’t want to open a post and hit it with spam using some random message.  Others will realize that you aren’t really listening at all only spamming.  When someone notices that you will be reported to the moderator and more than likely banned from the group.

Listen Carefully

The key to your success is to listen very closely to the rest of the group.  You want them to see who you are and begin to engage with you in a direct one-on-one fashion.  It’s important that you be as authentic as you can.  You want to give a sincere impression not forced and manufactured.

Don’t be in a big hurry to drive people to your website.  Take some time to join conversations and get to know who the top influencers are in the group so you can begin to target your comments more to them.  When you gain their attention, you gain the entire group’s attention.

More than anything, be courteous.  Groups tend to form a tight bond and become intimate fairly quickly.  Always stay respectful and refrain from posting anything you wouldn’t want your spouse, boss or peers to see.  By implementing this rule, you will prevent your reputation from being damaged and from being known as a troublemaker.

Become a Moderator

After you are familiar with dealing with a variety of people online, you should think about starting your own group where you will be in the role of moderator.  Keep in mind that people come from all different walks of life and bring with them their own idea of what is appropriate and what isn’t.  Put down your ground rules early and be firm about sticking to them.

Carefully watch to keep out troublemakers and spammers unless the strategy of controversy is being used.  You want to watch that the controversial attention isn’t being outweighed by the negative energy around your product. You don’t want your product to be associated with a lot of negativity.  You’ll end up finding yourself having to rebuild your business because of the undesirable affiliations.  The odds of that happening are slim, but it is still worth a word of caution.

To summarize it, stay courteous.  Initiate interesting discussions and join in the conversation when possible.  Keep an eye out for an entry point where you can launch some type of business connection and exploit it.  Use your signature line to advertise things and your profile to promote your website.  Before long traffic will build from these groups and generate discussions in other groups as well.  This type of promotion online is invaluable.  If you need more help click here for Turbo Charge Traffic or see our previous post, Start Learning These Tricks to Boost Your Website Traffic.




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