You don’t want to post blog articles just to fill up space on your blog.  Instead, you want to create captivating content that will grab your reader’s attention.  This is the type of content that keeps your readers engaged and sharing it on social media.  They will keep coming back again and again for more.  Here’s your three-step formula for creating a captivating blog…

Step 1:  Choose Hot Topics

If you want your readers to be enthused with what you post, then you need to post the content they really want to read.  So, how do you discover what type of content they want?  Let’s go over some tips on how to uncover this content:

  • Discover what type of content your market is buying.  If they’re paying money for it, then you know they would be overjoyed to read it for free!

TIP:  Go to and, search for your keywords and then check out which are bestsellers in your niche.  These results are hot topics you’ll want to include on your blog.

  • Find out what’s trending on social media.  Look at trending hashtags.  See what Facebook discussion groups are talking about.  Check into your competitors’ blogs to see what topics are having a lot of engagement, comments, and shares.


  •  Find out what questions people are asking.  Visit sites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers to see which questions are coming up repeatedly.  Those repeat questions are hot topics for your blog.  You can also look at your competitors’ newsletters to see what topics come up repeatedly or see what types of lead magnets they’re using.

When you start going through these steps, it won’t take long before it becomes clear which topics are popular in your niche.  These are the hot topics you’ll want to write about. 

Step 2:  Creating Captivating Titles

You can write a captivating blog, but no one will read it if you don’t also have an attention-getting, captivating title.  That’s why it’s important to invest some time in brainstorming a title for your post.

Below are some templates to get you started on your brainstorming:

  • Don’t Even Think of [Doing Something] Until You [Read This] 

Don’t Even Think of Buying X2 Software Until You Read This Surprising Special Report!


  • The Secret of [Getting a Benefit]

The Secret of Getting Rich Quick


  • You Won’t Believe It Until You See It- How [Something Amazing Happened]

You Won’t Believe It Until You See It- How a Sixth Grader Quit School and Became a Millionaire


  • The #1 Way to [Get a Benefit]

The #1 Way to Create a Money Making Blog


  • Who Else Wants to [Get a Benefit]?

Who Else Wants a Successful Blog?


  • The Easy Way to [Get a Benefit]

The Easy Way to Start Blogging Today

Step 3:  Creating Engaging Content

Now it’s time to create engaging content that will keep your audience coming back again and again. The content needs to be valuable, interesting, and it should solve a problem.  But, it also needs to captivate your readers’ attention.  This can include:

  • Injecting humor.
  • Using a light, conversational tone.
  • Telling relevant stories.
  • Using metaphors, similes, and analogies to grab your reader’s attention.  Spark curiosity about what is coming up.   Example- “In just a few minutes you’ll discover the marketing secret that’s going to change your online sales!”

Add value to the content.  This can include:

  • Clarifying ideas with examples.
  • Increasing visual appeal by using relevant pictures, graphs, and charts.
  • Inserting tips that are immediately actionable with fast proving results.
  • Offering tools to your reader that can assist them in reaching their goals.  Use things such as checklists, swipes, and worksheets. (title templates above are an example)

So, there you have it, the secrets to creating a captivating blog.  Start today and put these tips to work for you.  In case you missed it, see our previous post, Creating a Blog That Brings Value.

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