When you work from home time is a valuable asset.  Your to-do list may be lengthy but you only get the standard 24 hours each day.  You can’t spend all your time working of course.  Some of those hours you have to sleep, eat, and spend time with friends and family.  Since your working time is limited, it’s important that you manage your time wisely.

Saving time here and there will make your day more productive.  The following are some top time-saving tips when working from home.

Schedule Your Day

Your day will run much smoother if you plan in advance and set up time tables to help you prioritize your tasks.  It helps to see your scheduled day at a glance to know what is coming up on your list.  Visit Calendar Labs for free daily scheduling templates to assist you when planning your day.

When you are making your schedule you will want to be sure that you are scheduling tasks that will build your business.  Don’t waste your time, effort, and energy on doing tasks that can be done by someone else.


You should take the time to check into outsourcing those tasks that can be done by others.  You can add hours to your day by eliminating mundane business tasks to someone else.

You can outsource a variety of things such as your accounting, bookkeeping, content creation, event planning, etc to professionals that are more efficient in these areas.  This frees up your time to focus on growing your business!

Efficient Email Accounts

Most of us are weighed down with various email accounts.  We use one account for this and another account for that.  Checking each email account more than once a day can be very time-consuming.  Consolidate all your email accounts and have them come into one Gmail account.  You can still maintain all your various email accounts while saving a great deal of time.

Emails can be broken down into different categories.  There are emails that are business-related, important emails that are not business-related, and some emails that are simply time-wasters.  Normally, emails that have been forwarded several times, or are addressed to a large number of people, aren’t worth your time and attention.  

Filter out the irrelevant from the important and focus on those that are related to your business.  Don’t waste your time reading and responding to emails that aren’t going to add to your bottom line. 

Track Your Time

Keep a record of your time over the span of a few days.  You may be surprised at how much time is actually wasted.  We all need downtime to relax and regroup.  However, we can limit our unproductive or counterproductive activities.

Time is limited and very precious.  You should make the best use of each minute that you possibly can and manage your time wisely.



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