Blogging has become a popular way for entrepreneurs to make a living working online.  It’s a great way to generate revenue while they do something they really enjoy.  Once you set up your website promotion and create a method for bringing in revenue, you simply have to maintain your blog postings to keep your income rolling in.  Two of the most popular advertising methods for generating revenue from your blog is using Adsense and securing independent advertisers.  

Generating Revenue Using Adsense

Adsense is offered by Google and is one of the top ways bloggers use to generate revenue from their blog.  One of the biggest attractions of Adsense is its simplicity.  Bloggers agree to have advertisements on their site and are paid when users click on those advertisements.  Bloggers just have to create a blog and submit their website address of the blog along with their information and apply to participate in Adsense.  The blog owner is then given a code to copy and paste to display ads on their blog.  Google crawls the website to determine which advertisements are relevant to the blog content.  However, blog owners do have some control over which types of ads can appear on the blog and are able to put restrictions on them.   

Generating Revenue Using Advertisements

Bloggers often use advertisements on their blogs to generate income.  This method usually yields a higher profit, but it is much more difficult than using Adsense.  This type of advertising is similar to the targeting advertising seen in magazines.  For example, magazines for expected mothers often feature ads that are relevant and appealing to new mothers such as baby clothing and toys.  While a magazine for fitness may feature ads for athletic equipment and clothing.  The advertisers pay for advertising space in the hopes the magazine’s audience will be enticed to purchase their products or services.


Blog owners that use this type of advertising may find it hard to find willing advertisers.  There are some influencing factors that may make an advertiser more willing to invest.  One of the biggest factors is how much traffic your blog receives.  Advertisers are more likely to pay for ad space on a blog that has high traffic numbers.

Advertisers will also consider what the focus of the blog is.  They are more likely to invest in ad space from a blog with a specific focus of interest to the advertiser’s target audience.  It makes sense that advertisers want to advertise on a blog that is already reaching the same target audience.

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There is a variety of different ways bloggers can be compensated for advertising on their website.  Bloggers may receive a flat fee for a specific number of page views or a set amount of time.  The advertiser may purchase space for a set number of days, weeks, or months.  It can also be set up that the advertiser pays for a set number of times the advertisement is given to website visitors.

Another compensation option is the advertiser may pay the blogger based on the number of times a specific action occurs.  This could be the number of times users click through the ad or make a purchase after clicking through the ad.  The method of compensation needs to be agreed upon between the advertiser and the blogger beforehand.  Clickmagick is a great tool for tracking sales and can ensure that you receive accurate compensation.


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