Social Bookmarking

Once you get your blog set up and begin to add some posts, you’ll want to get the word out there.  A great way to do that is by using social booking, which is basically just a way of tagging your blog post into an arena that collects information from all over the internet.  It’s not much different than the way you bookmark a site for yourself in your browser, except in this case you are putting it in a storage area where a lot of people can view what you’ve bookmarked.  Those people have subscribed to these information sites and are searching for specific content that can be found easier.

The great thing about social bookmarking is that people can rate and comment on the bookmarks that you add to social networking sites.  This gives you great exposure and permits others to contribute their own ideas as well. is an example of a social bookmarking site.

If you are blogging about current events, politics, or the latest technology advances, then you will want to use social news sites such as  These types of sites offer news 24/7 for all those news nerds who can’t get enough news.  They allow users to rate and comment on stories and then if your popularity increases you can find yourself on the front page where you will get tons of traffic!  You definitely want to use this site if your content is relevant to it.


When you are writing a post, the interface will have a spot for you to put tags that indicate the article’s topic.  This is where you can simply just type in some keywords or you can use a plugin like SimpleTags that will identify the good tag keywords for you.  Whichever method you prefer is fine.  By using relevant, searchable keywords it makes it easier for people to find your great blog.  So, it’s important to add that information if you want to attract an audience to your blog.


Once you begin to become familiar with the blogging world, you will develop a relationship with other bloggers.  You can use that network to assist you in creating more traffic by just going to other blogs and putting a comment on a popular post.  When you put a comment most blogs automatically put your URL in where your name appears if you are from the same community.  You can also use HTML to put your own link to an article that is relevant to the post.

People who come to read the other blog will then read the comments and if your comment is insightful and interesting they may follow your link or click on your name.  This strategy will create more traffic for you than just sticking to your own blog.

RSS Feed

If you’re using WordPress this feature is automatic.   (check out Optimized Press theme) If you are using a different platform you will have to add a plugin.  Be sure that you do enable it because it then allows people to subscribe to your RSS feed.  Every time you update your blog the feed gets generated to the newsreader every time you update your blog.  It keeps people encouraged to keep visiting when new content is posted.  The more you update your blog the more often the RSS feed is updated and in turn, more people visit your blog.

Always try to make the most of the features that are available to you.  When you apply a strategy that uses all the tools you can, you will see your traffic increase quickly.




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