Struggling to find an answer to this question: How to get new clients for your business?  

All of us might think we should be working harder to grow our business, but the key is to work smarter and more consistently. 

For example, everything we do should benefit us forever in the future. As we create content and funnels to collect new customers, every task should continue to work on autopilot once we’ve completed it. 

With that mindset, you’ll be surprised at how easy busy growth is over time and how to get clients every day. 

 It takes time and action.  

Learn how to find more customers for your business. Let’s get into 3 very effective ways to attract more leads.   how to get new clients for your business1. Record a Video Together

One of the most effective ways on how to get more customers is to record a video together. This method is excellent if you are starting or you are trying to grow your business. 

It is time-consuming, but the time really well spent. 

By talking to your customers, you find out more about what they want and you build an instant relationship. 

How does this work?  

Set up the video environment with your branded material. For example, a lower-third with your name and logo to make sure the customer sees the professionalism and connects you with the brand. 

Next, ask a couple of questions like: 

  • Tell me about yourself (collect common demographics) 
  • What’s your biggest issue with (insert niche)? 
  • How can I help you with that? 

Then listen. 

 This seems like it’s not very efficient since we talk about making stuff work for you forever, but you’re getting valuable information about your marketplace and first-hand knowledge. 

Recording the video and getting transcriptions provides amazing sales copy material in your customers’ own language. 

Plus, once you’ve personally taken the time to answer that customer’s questions, they’re so appreciative they never go away. 

That’s a customer for life. 

 2. Attract more customers on Facebook

If you are not familiar with the ins and outs of social media, let’s talk about how you can make your profile pages as attractive as possible, including ways to attract more Facebook fans. 

The first thing you want to do if you are new to social media is to start building your Facebook fan base. There are many ways to do this.  

One is to try to post as much as you can so people recognize you as an authority and expert.  

If you want to see more sales from Facebook, focus on adding followers to your Facebook business page.  

Connect with local businesses to share information if that’s appropriate for your niche. Or invite and share content with others in a similar niche as yours. Build collaboration opportunities. 

3. Keep Adding Friends and Fans

Take advantage of what Facebook has to offer by adding targeted friends or fans. You’re creating a preliminary list on Facebook by doing this and eventually, you’ll move them to your own list on your website with other content techniques. 

Do this consistently to expand your reach. 


Remember, that the key to attracting more customers to your page is to keep it useful, entertaining, exciting, and timely.  

Keep your visitors coming back, and make sure that each feels like they just landed on the page that they have been looking for.  

Start with these marketing strategies to get the word out about your products and services, but most importantly to build relationships. 

To help extend your audience, here’s a tool called the MyNAMS Profit Planners that will teach you how to get new customers for your business. how to find customers online 

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