It’s easy to start a blog, but keeping a blog innovative and interesting is another story.  There are many abandoned niche blogs across the internet left by marketers that didn’t know how to keep a blog going.  Experts will tell you that the key is to post frequently.  Therefore, it’s essential that you have a steady flow of content for your blog. Don’t be intimated by the thought of coming up with a variety of blog topic ideas.  The following are brainstorming tips you can use to start cranking out topic ideas:

Using the News

You want your blog to be timely and the news is the best source for the latest information and news stories.  It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you can always find something relevant to energize your blog posts.  You can sign up for Google Alerts at no cost and choose keywords in your niche that you want to be alerted on.  This way you won’t miss any news in your niche and can stay on top of current topics.

Using the Comments Section

The comments section is a great way to discover what’s on your audience’s mind.   Say you write a post on Search Engine Optimization.  In the comments section, you see where a couple of people are asking questions about using keywords.  Presto! Now you have your next blog post topic!  Not only can you identify topics in the comments section but you can also answer any questions in the form of a blog post.

Using Resource Lists

Think about if there are resources or websites that your niche should be aware of.  Compile your information and write a few resource list posts.  Your readers will appreciate being able to get the information they need easily.  Whenever you can’t think of something else to write about you can always compile a useful list for your readers.

Using Other Posts in Your Niche

Using other blog posts in your niche to see what they are writing about is a great source for the latest topics.  You can take a different viewpoint on the subject or develop an area that the original author didn’t expand on.  If your opinion differs from the authors you can write a blog that disagrees with it and express your reasons why.  Other bloggers can be a great resource so be sure to get involved in the community.

Using Quick Tips

Start compiling a list of quick tips you want to share with your audience.  These can be inspired by your own personal experience, other products in your niche, or from other posts that you’ve read.  If you are trying to come up with a topic and scrambling to find something relevant, you can write a quick tips post that your readers will find useful.

These ideas are just a few of many you can use when you are trying to come up with topic ideas.  Start a list that you keep handy with blog post ideas that you can refer to and you’ll always have topic ideas ready for your next post.

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