You constantly hear about how important it is to build your email list.  Perhaps you chose an email marketing platform like GetResponse, selected some opt-in forms, and waited for your list to grow.  Time passes and based on your low turn-out rate for sign-ups, you wonder if any of it was worth the bother.  

But, wait you can do this!

You can take those few sign-ups and turn those numbers into something meaningful.  These tips can make your conversion rates soar! 

So, if you’re struggling to build a solid list, here are a few reasons why it may be happening:

  • You didn’t make it simple for your readers to subscribe.  If you make them have to work at it, most will pass on the opportunity to subscribe.
  • It’s unclear what you are wanting them to do.  If you’ve got too many calls to action, it can distract readers resulting in them choosing to do nothing.  Even worse, the bad experience causes them to not return to your site.
  • Your offer isn’t intriguing enough.  Promote an offer that is too good for your reader to pass up.

Your offer will be irresistible when you make it simple and clear what you want them to do in response to a highly relevant offer.  When you combine those three factors you’ll see your conversion rates jump.

Is Your Blog Design Holding You Back?

Switch places with your reader as you review your blog and ask yourself If you would actually subscribe based on what you see.  Be sure that your blog design incorporates the following elements:

  • Your opt-in forms should have eye-catching colors.  Identify colors that aren’t in your design but would match your current branding and use them in your opt-in forms.

* WordPress plugins offer split testing options that let you test different colors.

  • Your sidebar should be clutter-free.  Be sure that all your elements have a purpose.

 * An example would be things like blog directory links that aren’t necessary.  Also, remove your social media widgets.  Its easier to get someone to like your Facebook page but when your Facebook reach is on zero that subscriber’s like doesn’t matter much anyway.

Using Social Proof

People are easily influenced by others that are doing something.  People assume that other’s actions are the correct behaviors and are coerced into taking the same action.  When blogging you can use the following types of social proof:

  • Display the number of visitors your blog has.
  • Display the number of email subscribers you have.
  • Show popular sites in your industry that have mentioned you.
  • Display testimonial from an industry expert that has positive feedback about you or your blog.
  • Show your combined number of followers

Avoid Negative Social Proof

This is such an important point to mention.  If you are wanting to utilize social proof then be sure to show good figures.  If your numbers don’t support you in a favorable light then don’t show them!

Offer Subscribers a Bribe

Most of us guard over our email addresses.  So, offering up a single opt-in form isn’t much of an incentive.  Your strategy here is to create a piece of content that is irresistible to your target audience that is only available if they subscribe.  You can also repurpose some of your content into a different content type such as a:

  • Checklist
  • Case study
  • List of Tools
  • List of Resources
  • Templates
  • Email courses
  • Video courses
  • Exclusive video
  • Exclusive interviews
  • PDF report

The key is to present a bribe that is highly relevant to your target audience.

Review your blog design and incentive you’re offering through the eyes of your reader.  It should catch your eye and be so compelling that you can’t pass it up.  If you find that you’re not so inclined to subscribe, your readers probably won’t be either.  Give your blog a fresh look and rework the content that you’re offering.  You’ll start to see your subscriber list grow before you know it!



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