There is a good variety of free blogging tools available on the market today.  However, loading up your blog with all the free accessories that you can pack in there is not a smart move.  Although it may be tempting to add a flashy background, latest font, or a visitor counter, this type of anything-goes plan can turn on you quickly.  The key to optimizing what free tools are available is to be choosy in what you decide to use.

Being informed about what types of free blogging tools are available is a good idea.  This enables you to make a well-informed decision on the types of tools that will enhance your blog.  Keep in mind that just because a tool is available doesn’t mean that it’s something you actually need.  Use restraint and only choose the options that you feel will actually elevate your blog.  For example, if you are able to find out how many visitors are reading your blog by reviewing your traffic stats, then using a visitor counter is unnecessary clutter on your page.  Also, if your blog is primarily text-based, using a flashy background can be more distracting than beneficial.

Free Image Sites

An important part of blogging is the use of images.  You need to be careful when pulling images off the web for your own use.  There are serious consequences for using someone else’s intellectual property that you do not own.  Below are some great image sites that have license-free images you can use to avoid a future lawsuit:


It’s important that you be realistic when you evaluate what blog accessories will help you improve your blog and website.  Even a free tool or accessory that costs you nothing, may not be much of an asset in the end.

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