There’s a big debate between whether a new marketer should start off as an affiliate or as a vendor by creating your own product.

Many marketers are able to successfully drive traffic to affiliate offers without having a list. This is usually because they know how to pay for traffic or have an audience in their pocket (for example, a popular YouTube channel). Those in this situation will often find it better to start as an affiliate.

However, those without a large following or know-how to get quality paid traffic will likely be better off as a vendor creating a product first.

In our opinion, it’s almost universally better to start your Internet Marketing business with product creation, then transition to affiliate marketing.

First, you’re building a sellable asset. Everything that you make, from the product itself to the list of customers, to the website itself is a business asset that can be sold.

Second, a product launch can be done for the purpose of putting hot leads into a webinar where you are the affiliate. This is known as a “loss leader” strategy.

Finally, building a list that you can monetize with affiliate offers is the natural by-product of a product launch. You’ll be able to quickly shift over to affiliate marketing anyway.

Most marketers will want to start their ventures with product creation. Creating a product allows you to build your business with assets you can sell down the road. You’ll also build a list of targeted buyers in the process and make some sweet webinar commissions just after launch if you play it right.

Whether you start off as an affiliate or as a vendor, the reality still lies in the fact that the toughest part of being a product creator is choosing what product to create.

You have to look at the audience whose problems your products will solve. Then you need to pick a backend webinar and design a product that compliments the webinar. From there you can launch the product and build your list in the process.

And your task doesn’t get easier after that. Once the product is ready, as well as your page, what you need to focus on is how to generate the right traffic into your site that will buy your product.

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