Social Networking traffic is something all site owners are trying to steer their way.  Networking is a great tool for driving free traffic to your website. It’s not really possible to give just one technical way to use all the different social networking sites.  The reason being is that they all differ in their policies as to what they will allow promotional wise. Some will permit limited product promotions and others will not. Some will let you pull in external content to build out your profile, while others are more restrictive.  Their ways of networking vary as well. Some sites allow contacting through only profiles while others like Twitter, offer mobile status updates. Below are the different strategies you can use, as they are consistent across the different platforms:

  • Create Your Profile

Social networking profiles play a vital role in building your online presence.  Having a solid profile can drive a good amount of traffic to your site. You’ll want to optimize your social networking profiles just as you would optimize your website’s SEO.  Be sure to add your website links and fill your biography section with relevant keywords. Make sure you fill in all sections and don’t skip over anything. For more information on how to improve your current profile see Hootsuite’s post, 10 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Profiles in One Hour or Less.

  • Friend Connections

Invite friends you already know to connect with you.  This takes a simple action on your part but can help build a starting foundation to work from.

  • Friends of Friends

You can easily grow your list out just by scrolling your friend’s contacts to see who you can invite to connect with.

  • Maintaining Your Profile

You will want to maintain your profile so that it stays current.  Continuously keep it updated with new content like pictures, blog posts, and videos.

  • Stay Engaged

Be sure to check-in daily and respond to any questions or comments that may have been left for you.  Join conversations on relevant topics and offer helpful insights.  

  • Copy-Cat

Pay attention to other influencers online.  See what they are doing to build their presence and copy it.  What works for them will work for you also.

  • Join Groups

Become an active member of various group communities relevant to your niche. Pay attention to who the key people are and connect with them when possible.  Participate in group discussions and provide any resources you have to offer that your group would find helpful. You want to establish yourself as a credible go-to source for information. 

  • Use Apps

Explore what the social networking site has to offer as far as features or marketing apps for building connections.

  • Funnel Contacts

For sites that limit your marketing capabilities, you should always have a way to funnel your contacts back to a website or blog.  Check out our previous post, How To Drive Traffic Into Your Landing Page, for further information on directing your contacts.

online connections

As you spend more time on each networking site, you will begin to notice ingenious strategies that others are using to boost their influence.  When you see what is working for them try your own version of it and propel your own influence across the web. If you would like more information on increasing your website traffic, refer to our previous post, Start Learning These Tricks To Boost Your Website Traffic. Be sure that you always cross-link all your sites to create a mesh-like effect that will capture your social networking traffic and pull them into your sales areas.

Social networking is simply about making friends and influencing others.  It’s very similar to real life, except that you have to be more knowledgable of how to go through that process with each specific site you are using. Social networking is not an overnight process.  It takes time to build and develop. Start today because the sooner you start, the more time you can give yourself to build a network that you can use later for marketing.  For additional information on viral marketing visit Buzzinar.



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