How can I get more clients for my business?

If you are a start-up brand, attracting new customers can be downright intimidating.  

In most markets, competition is steep, so you have to stand out. It does not mean you spend money on your site or hire new peopleSure, these are important, but taking care of what you already have should come first. Your customers’ satisfaction should be of high priority.  

So, you’ll need to implement a customer acquisition strategy that creates new customers consistently.  

The following steps point out great ways to attract a more substantial customer base. How can I get more clients for my business?

1. Funnel your customer to your best freebie 

A freebie is giving away your incredible content or product to your existing as well as potential customers. However, it must be of high value so as to attract customers.  

2. The irresistible webinar 

A webinar is an online presentation that is conducted through the internet. You “perform” live in front of an audience – yours or someone else’s – or with a pre-recorded presentation. It is an incredible way to attract customers to your site and prove your expertise and ability to solve a specific problem. 

3. Bite-sized videos 

Research shows that videos can create double engagement compared to other types of content. Seeing your face and hearing your voice for just a few minutes is a chance to establish a long-term relationship with your customers as they get to know you. Bite-sized videos are low-cost strategies to attract viewers to your site. You can create a video that is 60 to 90 seconds and chunk all the vital information in it. 

4. Expand your reach 

You will obtain more customers if you strategize plans to reach potential customers. Concentrate on your target or potential clients. That means doing some research to find out where your target market hangs out, what their issues are, and how you can help them with your product or service. Then, get in the middle of it and give as much value as possible to build rapport with the audience.   

5. Do a giveaway 

You can give your customers coupons, gift cards, and giveaway ideas in an attempt to market your products and services. If you expose your customers to what you are offering, then they will be motivated to return for more products and services. Don’t worry about giving away too much. You’re building relationships. 

6. Start a more in-depth conversation in social media 

The number of people on social media is staggering – 3.48 billion worldwide. That includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but is not limited to those. Being active on social media can help you make the right connections with your prospective customers.  

7. Follow up 

After selling your goods and services, or even when you’ve acquired a prospect’s email address, you need to follow up to help the buyer use those products. Clients feel special when the follow-up is thorough. Satisfied clients may even refer other customers to you. 


Incorporate these customer acquisition techniques, and the process will be hassle-free and evergreen.  

Remember, you have to keep old customers and attract new ones. And by taking care of your existing clients, the chance of them recommending you to their colleagues is high.  

To help you on how to find customers online, here’s a tool called the MyNAMS Profit Planners that will help you master many of these marketing techniques quickly and easily with checklists, workbooks, idea generators, and training. how to find customers online

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