Your affiliate program has the capacity to make you money as long as you know how to fully utilize it.  Let’s look at the top components in affiliate marketing that can make you money.

Be Sure Everything is Relevant

One of the key factors in having a high conversion rate is relevancy.  Your visitors, content, and your product all need to be relevant.    If your site visitors are women between 20 to 25 years old, then it makes sense to sell women’s clothes that target that specific age group.  However, if you add men’s accessories to the mix as an affiliate, you will fail because you’ve not matched your visitors to your content and product.  Making relevant matches will bring you the income goals you have set for yourself.

Trust the Affiliate

You can find all types of affiliates out there. Be selective, and choose one that you feel comfortable with and can trust.  You also want your visitors to have that same trust in you to increase the probability of successfully marketing your products.  

The get rich overnight offers are sure to be a disappointment.  You can bet it doesn’t work.  Like with anything in life there’s no quick easy way to make money fast.  A legitimate automated income stream provides you with ongoing revenue and financial security.  

You begin by putting in the effort and working hard.  After you’ve set up your income stream you can relax and drop down to investing just a few hours a week to maintain it. 

Traffic is Vital

It goes without saying, that you must have traffic going to your site in order for you to have sales.  That being said, driving traffic to your site should always be your focus.  Keep in mind that you want targeted and relevant traffic coming to your site.  It’s pointless to have the traffic coming to your site wanting pool supplies when you’re selling artwork.  This is where keywords and search engine optimization make a difference.  You can click here for a free version of Keyword Tool that generates up to 750+ long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term you enter.  

To make money with a successful affiliate program it’s important to put all the components together.  Offer your targeted traffic a reason to return and convert them by offering them something like “a free report” “a weekly checklist” or pretty much anything that’s relevant to your website and affiliate program.  For more information on how to increase your site’s traffic, visit Turbo Charge Traffic.

Position Yourself for Success

Lastly, you want to position yourself for success.  Affiliate programs aren’t going to do well if all you do is put up a banner.  Yes, conversions may still happen but nowhere close to the rate they would as product ads that are positioned.  An example of this would be if you wrote about a specific product and include a product link within your content.  You’ll see your conversion rates double and even triple in some cases.

Now you have the 4 components in affiliate marketing that can make you money and launch your success.



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