Emotional triggers can help to encourage buying behavior, but when it comes to justifying the purchase, buyers tend to be attracted to logic.   Buyers may let emotions carry them away but they always give a logical explanation as to why they purchased a product.  People don’t want to admit that they let emotions influence their purchase, they would rather respond that there was a logical, valid reason for buying.

The Strategy of Making Sense

You want to provide a logical reason for those that need it to close the deal.  Just like you would try to resolve an objection before it’s raised, you also need to give them a reason to justify the purchase, whether or not it makes any sense isn’t relevant here. It only has to answer the question, “Why should I make this purchase”?

This is where you are going to offer a very definite reason the customer should buy your product.  To do this, research your demographics and then you should put yourself in their place.  Think as they do.  Now, what would be the defining reason to buy your product?  This process is typically used after an emotional appeal to close the deal with a double whammy!

Varying Your Reasons

People’s reasons can be different depending on what segments of the population you’re appealing to. For some, it makes sense to purchase your product for one specific reason and for others something different.  For example, if you are appealing to people who are more budget-conscious, then you would give economic reasons.  Another direction you may use is to focus on health as a reason.  Maybe they are getting older and are more health-conscious.

Maybe you’re trying to sell a product to people who are sick.  Being healthy is a powerful reason to think about buying your product.  Another powerhouse reason is to purchase a product is for safety. However, this will not work well for everyone. Safety means different things to different people.

Mothers may need to hear the reason relate to child safety in order to close the deal.  For elderly people who are home alone, personal safety would be a logical reason for them.

You don’t have to focus on only logical reasons.  Sometimes, especially in the luxury market, the best reason is status.  The reason you might offer is “You deserve it!”  From an intellectual standpoint, there’s no logic in that.  But from a reasoning viewpoint, it makes perfect sense to that particular subset of people, especially the wealthy.

Another possible reason you can use is that it will boost your professional or personal recognition.  This reason can be important for people who are trying to advance their career or for those that are dating.  Remember to choose the reason based on the demographics of the people you are marketing to.  Anytime you link your product to things that your customer is acquainted with it also helps to instill a sense of familiarity that is favorable to your product. For more information see our previous post, Current Trends Provide Credibility.

Customer’s Mindset

This strategy will work best when you are able to get into the mindset of those you are marketing to.  You have to think about what type of objections they are likely to raise.  If you aren’t sure what their objections are, then do some market research with online products that are similar.  For help on how to research demographics see Cornell University’s post.  If you don’t understand the potential objections that people may be thinking when they are viewing your sales page, you won’t be able to resolve them in a logical way.  That is the whole key to this strategy.

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