Internet Marketing is not as hard as you think.

It also helps if you have a good mentor to help guide you.

Speaking of which, finding the right mentor can make or break a marketer’s journey to profits.

There are so many unknown variables in the market, that trying to troubleshoot problems without an expert opinion is like throwing a dart in the dark.

You might hit the mark, but you don’t know if it was chancery or skill.

Building your way up to become a successful Internet Marketer is not as easy as you think and so having the right resources and the best kind of education is crucial to the success of your online business.

And as a newbie, you need knowledgeable and highly trusted mentors that can help you achieve your goals.

We realized the importance of finding a mentor early on.

We’ve bounced from one guru to another, trying to find the right one.

One feature we were looking for was the accessibility.

Many gurus make themselves available only for specific events and weekends.

We wanted a mentor that we could talk to at least once a month.

We didn’t need daily access to be sure, but we knew that having someone we could ask questions periodically would fit the bill for us.

We need mentors that are committed to helping new Internet Marketers, get the best tools, tips, and strategies so we can grow our business faster.

We discovered Omar and Melinda Martin when we picked up their flagship product My Unfair Advantage.

It was exactly what we were looking for.

It not only had the training to get us started in the right direction, but it also features WEEKLY coaching.

Omar and Melinda hold a webinar every Thursday night for MUA members.

They discuss all sorts of Internet Marketing topics, and more importantly, they address member’s questions.

Plus, they record the sessions so you can find an episode you missed.


We encourage you to take a closer look at this membership site.

This is the right opportunity for you to get in touch with smart and experienced mentors that can pave the pathway to your success.

Learn more and grab your amazing bonus!

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