Even veteran business people find it challenging to ace internet marketing, so don’t worry if you’re new to it. However, don’t start without knowing anything about it. Remember that the competition won’t be considerate to you, regardless of whether you know only a little or you’ve studied a lot. But wouldn’t it be nice if you’re part of the latter group?

So before you start reading some tips you can use to start building a customer list the easiest way possible, you must first know a few terms that would be beneficial to you in this industry.

Definitions You Should Remember:

Squeeze Page

Without this, your funnel will go nowhere.

If you’re familiar with landing pages, then you will remember this term easily. All squeeze pages are landing pages, but not all landing pages are squeeze pages. Squeeze pages are landing pages where you can get your potential customer’s contact information. Clearly, this is a type of landing page in your funnel that’s vital in building your own list of prospects and leads.

This is where you offer something for free, in return for someone entering their email address. Through this email address, you can send your messages and offers. If you have read the previous blog, How to Build and Sustain a Customer List: The Five +1 Tested Ways, this is what you need to enable you to make your presence known.

If you want to build yourself a squeeze page, there are many ways. You can do it using ClickFunnels, WordPress plugins (such as OptimizePress and Optin Ninja), or HTML templates. Whatever software you use, it doesn’t matter. It depends on which one suits your needs.


You already made an attractive squeeze page for giving away your product, then what? That’s a good starting point, but you need more. This type of landing page will need to have an opt-in box and a paid autoresponder.

An autoresponder is a software that collects the email addresses you got from your squeeze page onto a list. It can then be used to send out emails on a regular basis, without you having to send them one by one manually. Just load up the messages one time, and the software takes care of the rest.

Now there are a lot of autoresponders you can use, like Aweber, MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse, Constant Contact, InfusionSoft, 1ShoppingCart, Autoresponse Plus, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign, Office Autopilot, and more.  Some of them are free; some are not. However, the amount you pay is worth the investment and the time you save.

Email Sequence

An email sequence is a series of emails that you load into your autoresponder software to be sent to the customer list you extracted from your squeeze page. This is what you can use to move your potential buyers and customers to action. This is where building trust and relationship with your customer starts.

People are doubtful and will often reject any business offers, and so there will usually be no buyers at the first email you’ll send. But as time pass, they might convert if you can gain their trust with your brand. That’s why it is highly recommended to provide quality value emails first before trying to sell/recommend any products.

If the squeeze page catches the fish, and the opt-in box delivers the catch to the autoresponder to be cleaned and cut, the email sequence is composed of the processes that you need to do to serve people a menu they will want to eat. Once it’s sold, you get your hard-earned profit. It’s just like running a business but only a digital one, which is often more profitable.

Affiliate Offer

Technically, this is what’s in the menu. This is a product that you recommend to your subscribers. It could be someone else’s product that will pay you a commission for every unit you sell. With physical products, this will typically be 5%-10% but for digital products can be as high as 50% or even 100% commission from each sale.

These offers are what you’ll use to convince them to convert you a sale. Now, how you offer the same product might be different from how other affiliate marketers like you provide the same product. That’s okay. It will depend on your style or the way you aesthetically display it to the crowd. However, if you want to stand out, you should use tools that will get you the viral traffic and sales you need.

There’s no software more suited to help you do that than Buzzinar, a time-proven system, and software for generating viral traffic on AUTOPILOT to build a HUGE and PROFITABLE list quickly. It’s more than just a WordPress plugin. It’s also a complete training system. Since most users will prefer to watch the video training that shows them exactly how to use Buzzinar to create viral traffic, this package also comes with a robust eBook and audio course!


The Buzzinar training will cover how to create buzz for your page, how to set up the squeeze, how to persuade your list, and finally how to generate income on autopilot. This training, combined with the Buzzinar app, will create the viral traffic effect on demand. Cool, right? Click this link to check out this wonderful software, and get your added FREE bonus, now!

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