We discussed in our last blog, How Visual Contents Drive More Traffic, the science behind how visual content gets you more shares and more visits. In case you missed it, you might want to check it out too. However, let’s talk about the best way to make an attracting impression.

Connect Emotionally

If you want to go viral, make a content that’s emotional. Why? Well, the emotional section of the brain can process sensory information five times faster than the cognitive section can. In simple terms, people feel first then think second. Only marketers who understand this concept prosper in this competitive digital industry.

The secret to a powerful marketing strategy and significant financial gain is the emotional connection. Consumers trust the brand they can connect to. It is trust that makes them want to purchase products. It’s the same trust that makes them stay loyal to the brand.

To do this though, you have to know what connects people to your brand. You have to decipher what is appealing in their eyes. You have to have something that leaves a mark on their hearts. Fortunately, we know what it is.


Relatable Unique Graphics

If you want people to communicate, ask them something they know or they want to know. People only engage when they are familiar with what you have. If you plan to market things in a medium they could relate to, why not try comics. You can’t think of any style of graphics more emotionally charged than a good set of comic characters you’ve seen during your youth, right?

If DC and Marvels never had comics before and made movies now, do you think their expensively produced films would hit the blockbuster? We don’t think so. The reason the films sell or were created in the first place, was because they already had loyal fans to their brands, which was accumulated through the success of the comics they made. Without their existing fan base, revenue would be impossible.


The Magic of Comics

Centuries ago, comics revolutionized how the media tell a story. From the pure text of black and white books to print of visual graphics most folks can interpret, comics had been with us for several years. We can’t deny that it still affects us emotionally in many ways.

Fortunately, a comic kit is here to save the day! Backtoons Comic Collection understands the powers emotionally-charged graphics can impose into someone’s eyes and heart. Bring life to your website and to your brand with a must-have collection of splashes, splats, meme-worthy illustrations, square and video-sized comic backgrounds, and fun animations.


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