So you’ve got your business going but you’re looking for some ways to boost your current profits. This doesn’t have to be a hard job, whether you’re experiencing a plateau or even a loss in your business.

A lot of people assume that once they’ve started doing well with their business, that’s all there is. Well that’s a wrong assumption because you can always reach for bigger and better ways to increase your earnings.

Here are some powerful tips you may want to consider:

Profit Boosting Tip # 1: Have a Follow Up Offer and One Time Offers.

Using follow up offers is a great way to build your online profits. We’re sure you’ve seen them before.

You click on something to buy; and after you purchased, another offer is being made. Now this is only profitable if it’s a complimenting offer. Meaning if you sold someone some golf clubs, then a good complimenting follow up offer would be a bucket of golf balls.

You must have a complimenting follow up offer because if you sold someone golf clubs and then the follow up was a printer deal, they would most likely have no interest in it. Make sure your follow up jives with the original offer.

This strategy is in line with one time deals. Usually, right after the visitor purchases the product and right before they download it, you will have a one-time offer pop up. Again it’s important that it is a complimenting offer and not something off the wall that they have no use for.

Profit Boosting Tip # 2: Practice Time Management.

Sometimes people take too much or too little time on projects. This can have devastating effects on your profits.

If you are spending too much time on something, then your other jobs are losing valuable time. You need to practice time management.

Set out a timeline for things you need to get done, and be sure to stick to it. If you need 2 hours a day to write, one hour a day to read and 3 hours a day to do updates, then make sure each section of your project gets the time it needs.

Neglecting some of a project’s needs may end up leaving it half done and not up to the highest quality as it should be.

Profit Boosting Tip # 3: Cut Your Costs.

In any business, there are a number of costs that comes along with it. This could be anything from printer ink to utility bills.

You need to find out what your costs are and where you can afford to take some cuts. For instance, if you’re paying someone $100 a week to write some content for you, then maybe you should consider doing some – if not all – the work yourself.

Or you could test out other freelance writers who are offering cheaper rates. Who knows, they might even write better quality articles than the more expensive writer.

It’s important to know whether the tasks you have outsourced are costing you more than it could normally be. Maybe you’ve outsourced a little too much work and you’re paying a lot to employees each week. Well you can do some of this work yourself and cut your costs down.

Identify where you can afford to cut costs without hurting your business efforts and cut them down. It can be simple things that save you the most money, so take a close look at your business.

Profit Boosting Tip # 4: Follow Up with Your Customers Offline.

These days, emails can be so impersonal that some people really don’t take much heed to them. It’s kind of like a nameless faceless piece of paper that just shows up on your computer.


Take the time to follow up with your customers offline by sending them a post card or letter. Express to them how valuable their satisfaction is to you and how much you enjoy doing business with them.

When people get a physical piece of mail from someone they did business with, it makes them feel like they are really being noticed and taken care of.

This will build trust in your customers that you care about them and are willing to do what it takes to help them. Not only will this keep them coming back for more, but it will also prompt them to refer your business to their friends and family.

Take the time to be personal with your customers; after all, they are the reason you are in business in the first place. Be real with them and let them know that you truly care and will help them the very best you can.

Profit Boosting Tip # 5: Conduct a webinar.

Webinars are a great way to increase your traffic online. If you can get an audience on a webinar, and you can follow the perfect webinar script, then you can likely make some fast cash. Webinars are a great way to sell high-ticket digital products, coaching and other membership-based software.

Profit Boosting Tip # 6: Understand the formula.


To create a passive income stream, you need to experiment until you get to the right formula, the recipe. For example, if you’re working as a personal trainer, one on one, there is no leverage. You can create passive income by contracting other trainers to run your sessions, attending webinars, selling supplements, engaging with JV partners and strategic partners. Find the leverage. 

Profit Boosting Tip # 7: Use Remarketing.

Any digital marketing initiative takes time, money, and effort to accomplish. And if you’re not using remarketing as part of your business strategy then you’re probably losing a huge portion of your potential customers.

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, can dramatically increase your conversion rates and ROI. This is because past site visitors who are already familiar with your brand are much more likely to become your customers.

Whether you’re remarketing your content or a specific time-sensitive sale offer, remarketing is arguably the single most effective way to increase your sales online. Not only does remarketing keep your brand at the forefront of your audience minds, it also provides your potential customers with numerous additional opportunities to convert.

The evidence is pretty clear: You can increase and maximize your online earnings.

You just have to have a sense of entrepreneurship, a great work ethic, and a strong will to make it happen.

So now that you know all these, you can surely head your way to improving your business and apply these profit boosting tips now to skyrocket your ONLINE EARNINGS!

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