Looking for ideas to increase sales? Know exactly what your customers and clients want by asking them! 

You will get extremely valuable information. They are telling you exactly what you need to do for them. Consider this as trusted market research and approach with an open mind. 

Social media is the quickest way to ask your followers what they want.

Approach them with these ideas:

  1.   Try open-ended questions first, such as, “What type of products do you want?” 

If this doesn’t work, give them multiple choices to select from. These polls can be run on social media in your newsfeed, in groups you belong to, and your email list.

  1.   Post the poll on your business page, then boost the poll. This allows you to select your demographics of the people you want to reach, the length of time you want the boost to run and the budget to use. General questions, such as, “What type of products would help you grow your business?” or “Which format do you prefer?” are effective. 
  1.   Analyze hashtags and trends. Creating your own hashtags can work, however, selecting popular hashtags can get your post seen by new audiences faster. If you use your own, add a couple of popular tags to the mix.
  1.   Pin the poll to the top of your Facebook page so it is the first thing people see. You can reset pins anytime, so change them as often as you like.
  2.   Cross-promote your poll across all of your social platforms. Send your email list a link to the poll. You could end up with new followers.

Looking for more ideas to increase sales? Evaluate your pricing for products and services.  Test the waters and offer a limited number of packages for a certain price you offer to your list as pre-order sales. If you get sales at that price, you know what to charge for your product.

Pre-ordering has its perks. Customers get in on a sweet deal plus you can use them to iron out any kinks before doing a full-on launch at a higher price point.

You always want to ask for feedback from your customers. You want to know if the sales process was bumpy. You need to know how helpful the product was for the customer. Tackle all problems promptly!

Getting out of a sales slump can be scary. If you utilize one of the MyNAMS Profit Planner’s, products “Turn Around Your Sales,”  and use the techniques created in it, you know what to do when sales slow down. This is a complete, focused implementation plan that develops your plan of attack if you have a sales slump. You don’t need to use every method in this Profit Planner. Begin with one idea at a time and measure the results.

You’ll have access to this extremely helpful tool in improving your sales when you purchase an annual or lifetime access to the membership. So check it out here.


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