Do you know how to improve your sales performance as soon as you see an unusual slump in sales? 

If your sales have dipped or evaporated, it means you need to try doing something new.

Here are marketing ideas to increase sales:

  • Try using multiple marketing ideas. For example, if you count on blog posts and social media posts to attract traffic, try adding a video in the mix. You have so many outlets to put the video. Facebook Live, Facebook Stories, Insta Stories, and of course, YouTube. 
  • Create your YouTube channel and produce multiple playlists of similar topics.
  • Cross-promote on your blog by embedding a video on the post. These can stand alone or have a written summary of the video.
  • If traffic has slowed down, try ads. When focusing on your ideal client avatar, you will have higher conversions. You want a small, tight group that will respond to your offers.

Are webinars your ideal client’s favorite way to receive information and training? If yes, then roll up your sleeves and create a webinar. Be sure you include details in the text summary with a strong CTA (call to action). Turn that webinar into an email mini-course. Provide the transcripts to give away as a surprise freebie.

Consider sharing your slideshow on SlideShare by LinkedIn. You can create a page that features your best presentations. You can add a short bio and link to your LinkedIn profile. Talk about multi-purposed content!

You should always track your marketing methods to discover the best ones to use for your niche and customers.

Before you make changes, create a spreadsheet, and document your marketing baselines. You need to know your numbers in order to understand how your audience reacts to your marketing efforts.

Getting out of a sales slump requires you to change what you are currently doing and get yourself in front of your audience. Improve your sales with fresh ideas, marketing ideas and content. Always track the results to know what they want and need, as well as how they found you.

Going through a sales slump in your business can be scary. But you don’t have to figure out how to fix it on your own.

One of MyNAMS Profit Planner’s products, Turn Around Your Sales, is to improve your sales with successful ways to fill in the gaps and turn around your sales. These methods are designed to provide you with a step-by-step process focused on getting more sales. This is a complete, focused implementation plan that gets to the key information quickly. It provides you with everything you need to get new sales. 

And when you purchase an annual or lifetime access to the membership, you’ll have access to this extremely helpful tool in improving your sales.


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