People tend to shy away from using scripts and don’t consider that they could use them to increase their site traffic.  Scripts are a great way to ensure your niche members will repeatedly visit your site.  How?  Well, when you add one to your site that offers a function your niche needs to access, you’ll find them returning again and again.

Providing an easy to use a script, that gives your niche members a handy, simple function, is the best way to utilize a script.  Below are only a few ideas, but they may trigger more ideas for you.

  • Message Boards
  • Domain Name Finders
  • Free eCards

A favorite source for scripts is  There you will find both CGI and PHP scripts to select depending on which is preferred by your web host.

(Caution:  You want to check with your web host first! If your web host prefers that you don’t install your own script, ask them for suggestions to have it set up safely.)

If they insist that no scripts be installed on your site, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use scripts.  If it’s a script that your target market would love, you can use a script site that is willing to host them remotely such as the CGI Resource Index: Remotely Hosted.  They also offer some compelling scripts such as:

  • Real-Time Chat
  • Static Website Search
  • “Recommend My Site” Script
  • Banner Rotation


Benefits of Using Remotely Hosted Scripts

There are many benefits of using remotely hosted scripts.  Below are some of the top reasons that site owners choose to use them:

  • Website enhancement
  • Adds active content to your site
  • Encourages feedback and interaction from visitors
  • Provides entertaining pages for your site
  • No worries about the space being taken up by application or if the application is compatible with your hosting company
  • Makes your site more user-friendly

Using a remotely hosted script for your site allows visitors to enjoy the service while not throwing off the Google search bots that will bounce back out because they encounter a script.

You can expect to pay a small monthly fee for most scripts.  However, HESK offers a free user-friendly Help Desk Script that has received good reviews.  Keep in mind that if your market finds your script irresistible, then paying a small fee would be well worth the investment.

Having a script installed on your site will not only increase your site traffic but can boost your sales rates as well.  For more assistance increasing your site traffic see Practical Stealth Traffic.



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