What’s the hook? It’s what grabs the attention of the reader in creating webinar for profit 

The goal is to make people curious and to entice them to read more.  It’s vital to get this right so you can get people to attend your webinar, which can lead to more profit or sales. 


Figure Out Your Irresistible Hook 

Finding your hook is a process. It takes some research to find the perfect headline or email subject line.  

This involves looking for that hidden fear, motivation, emotion, etc., that your ideal viewer is NOT saying. If you can identify that, you’ve got a hook! 

There are other strategies for coming up with a strong hook – such as showing someone how to do something significant to help them reach their goal or fix their pain point.  

The way to uncover what that might be is by finding out their complaint or discouragement of how to reach their goal on how to make a good webinar for profit. 


Find Their Struggle and Solve it 

Creating Webinar for Profit

Have you ever purchased a plug-in or software for your business only to find that it is complex and difficult to use?  

You are not alone. Business owners are constantly looking for ways to make money faster and easier. That’s why they buy it. 

Then, you get ready to use it, only to find that it is not as easy to use. You are left feeling discouraged and frustrated.  

Now what? 

Tap into the real reason people give up on using something, such as it takes too long to learn. You can offer free webinar hosting sites showing people how to set up and use the tool in record time, eliminating all the things they didn’t need to know from the process. 

Also, show your audience really awesome tips and tricks the easy way. 


The Solution Promise in Your Hook 

Show people how to use something that is faster and better than solves their problem. Achieve this and it can help you become known as the expert and go-to person in your niche. 

Next, reflect the problem and the promise in a simple course title, for example, “Learn [xyz] Fast”. 

This is a great way to hook people onto your signature course or service. Show them how to do the first step. Don’t hold anything back, but make it easy.  

Throw in a couple of really prize tips, techniques, or shortcuts to make your viewers feel like they just hit the jackpot.  

Getting them to sign up for your paid offer will be a done deal by the time you present your call-to-action on the webinar.  

‘Reward’ those who accepted your free webinar by signing up and attending live, with a deep discount.   how to make a good webinar

Deliver Your Promise in the Hook 

In conclusion, your webinar should stand out as irresistible and valuable. It’s more than a means to promote a program or product.  

It’s an opportunity to grow your reach and audience. Deliver what you promise to the attendees when they registered for your free webinar. 


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