It will not matter how well you promote a webinar online if you are not attracting the right people, to begin with.  

A successful business owner knows what their ideal customer wants and needs.  

This goes for product and program creation as well when you are creating webinars for profit. 

Below are the 6 steps on how to promote a webinar online. 

1. Who is Your Ideal Customer 

creating webinars for profit

It begins with your customer.  

Who are they?  

It’s time to do a little research in your niche. Look at similar products of yours that other people are selling.  

Read the reviews, and you will learn a LOT right there. Pay attention to the gushing, positive reviews as well as the negative reviews.  

What can you learn from these? 

Now it’s time to learn about their passions. Review the benefits these people want and focus on those when creating your sales copy on how to start a free webinar 


2. Know Their Problems and Benefits 

What do they struggle with? 

What are they desperate for? 

How does your product help with these things better than any other product? 


3. Go Deeper: Read More 

In niche forums and groups, read posts to discover hot topics and threads. These are what people are paying attention to and care about the most. 

Read blog posts as well as the comments at the end of those posts. When you know what people care about, the problems and struggles they have, you can see what benefits and solutions you can include in your webinar marketing plan template online. 


4. Interact with People in Your Niche 

webinar marketing plan template 

Researching is helpful, but you will build a more substantial following when you make yourself ‘approachable’ goes a long way.  

Social media certainly helps you do this. Get to know them as they get to know you better by interacting. 


5. Review Your Notes 

Now that you have done your research organize and outline your data.  

Look at everything and pay attention to the highlights that grabbed your eye during your research. 


6. Write the Best Copy EVER 

Writing your promo copy on how to promote webinars to attract the right people – those who are ready to buy your offer – will pay off in not just a higher attendance but also higher sales.  

Put ‘people’ in your copy, and you will reap the rewards of knowing and honoring your ideal audience. 


In conclusion, your webinar should stand out as irresistible and valuable. It’s more than a means to promote a program or product. Teach them how to create webinars that sell 

It’s an opportunity to grow your reach and audience. Deliver what you promised the attendee when they registered for your webinar. 

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