The vast majority of people coming to your website will leave and never return. Research says you only have an average of 5-10 seconds to make a first impression to new visitors before they decide whether to stick around or not.


This means that people are definitely becoming MORE VISUAL!

And unless you can create visually appealing contents then you have a higher chance of capturing your target audience and improve your conversion rates.

Those odds aren’t great right?

But you can make things better!

The question is “HOW”?!


You can make your page attractive and user-friendly, it can be more interactive to make your fans engage with your products and give them enough reasons to stay on your website.

And those who decided to leave? You can also get to have a hold of them, you can make use of squeeze pages that capture important customer data, giving you a chance to capture the prospective clients one more time.

But wait here’s the deal!

Creating squeeze pages from scratch used to be time-consuming and the process is complex.



There is a range of software and tools that can help you create, publish, and manage your squeeze pages in a matter of hours instead of days.

Instant Funnel Machine is a revolutionary software that lets you create powerful Squeeze funnels designed for maximum opt-in conversions! And good thing is that you don’t have to be consumed because the process is as easy as point and click!


Instant Funnel Machine

A New Revolutionary Software That Lets You Create Powerful Squeeze Funnels Designed For Maximum Opt-in Conversions, And Do It In Just A Few Mouse Clicks... Instead Of Days!



Here are some of the many reasons why:

Instant Page Monetization
It converts boring, uninteresting pages into money-making platforms for affiliate offers.

Easy Squeeze Page Customization
Simple fill-in-the-blanks let you configure your page look and feel.

Create UNLIMITED Squeeze Funnels
Each taking just minutes to set up. Build as much as you want.

Quick Install On WordPress
Set-up on your WordPress site in seconds and start using right away! Hassle-free!


If you want to level up and be ahead of the game then you really have to act now!

Learn more about Instant Funnel machine and how can it help you improve your business and your earnings, here.

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