You ever see the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”?


It’s ridonkulous.

It’s entire premise is stretched thinner than Nicholas Cage’s skin in “Face/Off”.

Hollywood tries to make you believe it’s possible to steal a bajillion dollars’ worth of supercars in 60 seconds.

It’s not.

It’s Hollywood.

You see a lot of “Hollywood” type claims in internet marketing as well.

Which is why I was wary when I saw John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson saying you could build a brand new income stream with their “InstantAzon” software in 60 seconds.

Until they showed exactly how to do it on screen (without special effects or Nicholas Cage).

InstantAzon won’t make you a bajillion dollars (bummer).

But you can make a tidy hands-free sum with it and when you grab it through my link you get the exclusive video “Top Secret Top Sellers” as a free bonus from me which shows you the best-paying products to promote on Amazon.

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