Earning money is a challenge every adult will face. And people who work for companies always have this tendency to quit and just start their own business. With the advent of technology, earning money can be done online now.


Building a website that makes money is a dream of many but a reality to few. People try one money making method after another until they find the right ones to suit their websites. The problem is there are just too many opportunities to make money from a website and the worst part is making the choice.


Whether you have an established website you want to monetize or you plan to build a new website to create an additional stream of income, here are steps to start to make money from a website.


Step One: Find a Niche

First, you need to find niches where there is some traffic. You should use the usual tools, such as the Overture inventory keyword data miner, to conduct research on how many searches are done for certain key phrases.


Step Two: Scan for Competition

Once you find a few niches you think have latent search those key phrases and see what results show up. If the natural search result sites that turn up are badly optimized and you are confident that a site with well-optimized content would quickly jump to the top of the rankings then you are going to have your first candidate for a niche content site.


Step Three: Build a Site

WordPress is blog content management software that runs off a PHP/MySQL backend. It’s very easy to set up, handles most of the search engine optimization for you and all you need to do is pump in the content and off you go. There are some occasions where a plain static HTML site may be more appropriate, for example when you only need a microsite of a handful of pages and it would be quicker to just set up the few pages using an HTML template design. For content planning, you must be clear about a few things you need to do: Choose topics that would be in demand for a long time. Design this niche site like a Wikipedia. Choose keywords that are driving traffic or CPC.


Just like working in a company where there are steps to follow to finish up a task and then get that hard-earned money, making money through blogging websites has their steps to follow as well so that the blog will stand out from the rest. Earning money may not be easy but following the rules above will make it easier.

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