Getting out of a sales slump can be very overwhelming. In many businesses, some sales are naturally seasonal and predictable. But what about the times that you have an unexpected sales slump?

You need to develop a plan with ways that you can jumpstart your sales.

The good news is that you do not have to implement a ton of marketing ideas all at once. 

Just start by making the changes you feel will offer the best results fastest.

Here are marketing ideas to increase sales:marketing ideas to increase sales


Don’t be shy – ask them to buy! 

Are you like many business owners that are having a hard time asking for sales? For many, the idea of asking seems really uncomfortable. But you need to get over that immediately because you are sabotaging your business!

Here, the first thing you have to do is start the ‘conversation’ by asking your followers, the communities you serve, and the people you know to buy your products.

You have to provide product knowledge by understanding your client’s needs. And you should be confident that your product will be able to solve their problem or address their needs. 

So why hold back?

Your visitor wants to know what you can offer and that they are in the right place for what they need and want.

So let them know the benefits that they will experience, like:

*What are their pain points that your product will relieve?

*What can they expect when they invest in you?

Focus on one specific pain point and how your product relieves that and you don’t need to worry about making the sale.


Overcome the fear of asking

Crush your fear factor involved in asking people to purchase your product. You are operating a business and there is no room for fear in showcasing your products and services.

You cannot make money if you do not create calls to action and give people the opportunity to be free of their pain points when you are what they need. 

You have to be able to talk about what you do and offer. Social media is too large to ignore, meaning that you have to get over yourself quickly. Put yourself out there! Help your clients find you.


Social Media posts

Using social media to increase sales, ask people to share your social media and blog posts. Communicate directly to your email list, which, by the way, are great leads and you should be communicating with them frequently.

Reinforce all the reasons they NEED your products, then ask them to buy. It makes a huge difference in your sales, your confidence, and your bottom line.

More importantly, make it CLEARLY.  Simply say “These are the reasons you should buy XYZ products.”


Connect with New Clients

You need to work on a plan to expand your social circles. This means reaching beyond your existing circles and connections to promote your services and products to new audiences.

Reach out to social influencers in your niche and begin communicating with them. Be active in groups without promoting yourself or your offers. People will notice your active participation.

Let your clients know when you have something to help them beyond what you have provided already. 

Take advantage of them purchasing from you in the past by communicating with them consistently.


Repurpose Old Products

One of the fastest ways to getting out of a sales slump is to update the programs, products, and older content you already have sitting on your hard drive. That is a goldmine waiting to be updated and relaunched to past and new clients. 

Updating can be as simple as adding new content, such as handouts or worksheets to an existing product. These will not take a lot of time to do but bring great value to the client.

Always measure your results so you’re aware of which actions seem to gain the most traction, which provides the most immediate responses, etc. 

Tracking your data today can help you make highly effective slump shaking decisions when future sales slumps arise.


Going through a sales slump in your business can be scary. But you don’t have to figure out how to fix it on your own.


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