Basically, the unique angle (unique selling point – USP) is the statement that tells your prospects why they should buy from you and that is you because you know how to deliver a webinar that sells. Period.  

A well-crafted USP increases conversion rates and turns a potential customer into an actual buyer. 

Compare your webinar software to the competition.  


Why would your customer buy your product and attend your webinar instead of your competitors?  

This is the big question you need to answer and put your focus on. This is your USP. 


Here are examples of ways your USP may stand out:  

webinar software

  • Providing fresh, new content that has not been repurposed 
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Durability 
  • Price 
  • Why you are specifically qualified  
  • Quality and scarcity 
  • Step by step help 


Remember that you want to make your USP (unique selling position) statement clear and visible.  

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This is the WHY people need to attend your webinar.  

It’s important that your USP is clearly found on your website and part of your free webinar hosting sites 

 Consider that your attendees could be attending your competitor’s webinar instead of yours.  

They need to know the WHY.  

Pick the USP that your market not only values but also where you have a lot of strength (where you stand out from the competition). 

 Analyze what happens when visitors come to your website.  

Where can you emphasize your USP better?   

free webinar hosting sites

Knowing this data can help you adjust the path your desired webinar attendee will go. 

 Create a strong statement that highlights your USP. Chances are that there is a lot of noise in your market as marketers compete with each other to fill their webinar seats and sell their products. 

You can gain a bigger share of your niche market by creating your USP with the big WHY they should attend your webinar.  

Your ideal audience’s time is a huge asset, so do everything you can to get them to register for your webinar.  

Crafting your USP is a good place to invest your time. 


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