The amount of money you can generate from blogging will vary depending on a variety of factors.  One of the biggest factors is your blog topic.  If your topic is appealing to a demographic that advertisers are wanting to reach, you are more likely to bring in higher profits.  If you choose a topic that is not well known or has little interest from a company’s target audience, then you are less likely to generate the income you are hoping for.

Blogging Methods

There are two different ways that entrepreneurs can go about making money with blogging.  The most popular way to bring in revenue from blogging is to sell advertising to different brands and companies.  The second type of blogging is when you promote a single brand and create positive associations between the blog and the product.  Both blogging types can generate a good deal of income, especially if you have a sharp marketing mind.

If you are going to blog with the intention of selling advertising, there are a couple of ways you can recruit sponsors for ads on your site.  You can either do all the work yourself and keep all the income for yourself.  The other option is to let someone else handle the legwork for you.

A lot of people will turn to Google’s AdSense program option.  There are many benefits of this program and it requires little effort from the blogger to begin bringing in the revenue.  However, most people will find out that the revenue that they bring in is considerable less using this method then they had anticipated.

Selling Directly to Advertisers

The more lucrative option is selling advertising directly to companies wanting to place banner ads or sponsored links on your site.  However, a great deal more time is involved.  If you have a strong network in the industry related to your blog topic, you may want to utilize those connections.  

For those that have a sales background and have experience at pitching proposals, they can make a good income by renting blog space to interested companies.  The drawback to this method is that you will have to build up a considerable readership before being able to attract advertisers.  That means that you will have to work for several months before you’re able to bring in any profits from blogging.

Because blogging has become such a lucrative business, established companies everywhere are wanting to get a piece of the action.  Companies have found one way to capitalize on blogging is to have blogs present a friendly face for their corporation.  This is done by having a blog that is specifically designed to appeal to the company’s customers. This creates a positive association with the brand in their minds.  Often writers that never dreamed of making money blogging have been offered a great deal for this type of job.

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