Do you find yourself scratching your head as to why your website traffic isn’t increasing?  Your response is to spruce up your efforts more than ever in a desperate attempt to attract more visitors.  But maybe the real problem isn’t the lack of visitors coming to your site.  Maybe it has more to do with why you’re not taking better care of the visitors you already have.

Caring for Your Subscribers

So, how do you care for those who have signed up on your list?  And why should you bother to do it?

Well, besides being a naturally caring person who really cares about their well-being, let me refresh your memory about what happens when you start to talk about a TV show with your friends…

Let’s say you all love music, and you learn that you all love watching “the Voice,” with Blake Shelton.  You need no encouragement to agree that the show is great or how much you enjoy the singing competition, and the judges.

Do you love the show for the music you hear? Partly- because it really sounds great, and the contestant’s voices are amazing.  But its more than just the music, or the judge’s coaching, that makes you feel like you’re watching a concert at times.  It’s the contestant’s enthusiasm. Their passion, their joy as they’re singing – and how they obviously were born for the stage.  It’s the way they pull you in with their life stories and struggles all focusing on this one chance to let their voices be heard.

How long has it been since you brought that sense of enthusiasm and joy to your website?  How long has it been since you shared your life stories and triumphs?  Or are you one of those that weigh consequences, plan and plot, and then dole out content to your reader, inch by uncertain inch?

Your goal here is to give them a reason to really want to come back to your website.  They should be eager to see what you’ve got to share with them.

Rediscovering Your Enthusiasm

You need to make the most of the readers you already have – and they will do the work for you!  That could be the missing link you need to put back into your marketing plan that results in more site traffic.

The example I used talking about “the Voice” was a real one.  As we were sitting there discussing last night’s show, we found four people in our area that hadn’t watched it yet – but after listening to us go on and on about it, they quickly became avid fans too!

Just imagine if that happened with 400 groups that each gained 4 more subscribers in 4 weeks.  That TV show would have 1,600 new viewers per week!

Don’t stop there.  Imagine if those 1,600 new show watchers go out and 400 of them start conversations with other music lover buddies…I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.


So, on your marketing journey be sure to pack that pivotal tool – your genuine passion.  If you’re having a hard time finding it, then take a step back.  Hit the reset button and take a “vacation” for yourself until you are able to rediscover what it is that makes you light up before you take another step forward.  For more help discovering your passion see the Enthusiast post, How to Find Your Enthusiasm.  If you need some helpful tips to build your list see our previous post, 4 Crucial Things You Need To Do When Building Your List.

When you think about it, what’s the point working night and day trying to drag in new visitors when your joy and enthusiasm could be the missing key pieces helping your current subscribers draw in new ones for you!  For more great traffic driving help visit Practical Stealth Traffic.




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