You won’t be able to boost your sales if nobody believes you can deliver what you offered.  People have to trust you before they will purchase from you.  If you are offering something that seems like it’s too good of a deal, plus the fact that they don’t know you, they will have a hard time believing that you are being truthful.

Trust is something that can’t be earned right away.  It’s a process that continues to build over time by delivering what you promise.  So, what do you do for those who haven’t bought anything from you before and no relationship has been established?  Well, you can flash your credentials!

Professional Credentials

Your professional credentials can tell a lot about you.  Ever noticed how when people find out that someone is a lawyer or doctor, they automatically assume they’re richer and smarter than the average person?  That’s because of their professional credentials indicate integrity as well as being a productive member of society.  Some people use their education to flash their credentials by putting the initials of their degrees by their names.  There are certain ways that you can establish your credentials with your website audience to gain their trust and help you clinch the sale.

Using the Strategy

This strategy consists of setting the groundwork created from authority and credibility.  You want to come across as an educated, believable expert on a specific topic related to your market niche.  Once people find someone they can trust to tell them the truth, then they are more inclined to follow their advice as well.

Credibility by Associations

The associations you’re affiliated with are also a big influencer when customers are trying to decide about your credibility.  You want to attract associations that boost your image.  Being affiliated with questionable associations can give you the opposite outcome and result in making you appear untrustworthy.  For more information on the advantages of those affiliations, see Very Well Health’s post, The Benefits of Joining Professional Associations.


Your sales copy should not have overstated or blown up claims that make your product seem unrealistic.  You definitely want to focus on your product’s benefits, but it should be in a sincere, genuine manner.

There’s a variety of ways to execute this strategy of building your credibility quickly.  See our previous post, Current Trends Provide Credibility, for more information on establishing your integrity quickly.  Ultimately your goal is to eliminate any hesitations or objections in your customer’s mind, so they don’t feel they are being deceived or tricked in any way.  The best way to ensure that is by making sure your transactions are always handled with integrity from the sale to the delivery.



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