Are you exhausted and becoming unproductive? You’re struggling so hard to do your tasks but you were just stuck. I guess all of us have those days when we feel so exhausted and stressed out. We just simply can’t focus on our goals no matter how hard we try. If you are also experiencing the latter, then you’ve got to take a deep breath and relax. You are not alone, we have been there before. All you need is to take a step back and recharge yourselves.

On this blog, we are bringing you these 7 powerful tips to recharge your mind so you will get your tasks done and you’ll regain your focus on building your online business.

Get some inspiration.
Take a break and call your loved ones. Sometimes, there’s nothing like catching up with a friend, family or special someone who can bring your fighting spirit up.


Get up and moving!
When you’re feeling sluggish, perhaps it’s because your body hasn’t sensed movement in a while, so it’s putting your mind into hibernation as well. Hop out of your chair and exercise. Do some stretching so your muscles don’t actually permanently shorten from prolonged inactivity. Using some time during your workday to stretch will not only help prevent back pain but can also help to make you feel less stressed.


Be Organized.
Remove unnecessary items from your desk—this should not serve the purpose of sprucing up your boring cubicle. On your desktop, put all your files into folders, “trash” anything you don’t need, and close all the browser tabs you’re not using (like the shopping cart you filled with things you’ll never actually buy). You’ll be surprised at how much clearer your mind is when you eliminate all those distractions and can solely focus on the tasks at hand. Having a clutter-free mind and environment will be a great help to regain your focus and increase your productivity for the day.


Don’t forget to REWARD Yourself.
Treating yourself in the middle of the day helps to make the rest of the day look a little bit more manageable. But this doesn’t mean you’ll spoil yourself with chocolates every single day.

Keep a box of your favourite snacks stocked in your cabinet. So you can easily have access to your comfort foods without overspending your money on expensive sweets and Frappuccino drinks.


Communication is important.
Taking some time to chat with your workmates, is a great way to take a break. It doesn’t mean you will vent out to them of how toxic your day have been but try to get to know them, their interest, their passion, their talents.

We tend to get really caught up in what we’re doing and spend a lot of time with our eyes glued to our computer screens. Break away and talk to a human. About something other than work! Just make sure you aren’t interrupting them when they’re in the zone. And don’t forget to spread love and positivity. Refrain from unhealthy conversations.


Sweat it out!
Not everyone is given the chance to enjoy the luxury of flexible hours so take advantage of this perk and get a sweat session in. Pop outside for a run, try out a group fitness class or find a vacant space and take advantage of the free exercise videos provided all over the internet.


Revisit Your Goals.
Reminding yourself on what your goals are can, be the best motivation. Remember what your priorities are for the day. Take a moment to write down your top two or three small goals for the remainder of the day and then focus on tackling those. This way you can have your eyes fixed on your goals.

Midday slumps happen even to the most hardworking person. And while there are steps you can take to prevent them most of the time—following a regular sleep schedule, exercising regularly, avoiding foods and drinks that’ll cause a major sugar crash can help you ease it up!

Don’t let yourself become dependent to coffee or to sweets but instead choose to recharge your energy the right way!

That doesn’t mean you have to raise your white flag and surrender. Instead of sitting at your desk like a slug, do something about it. You have more control over this than you think. Sometimes all you need is to take some break to recharge yourself and become more productive.

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