Internet Marketing can be a very solitary pursuit. And it can be especially demoralizing when you’re low on oxygen or in the internet marketing sense – TRAFFICthe life of your business.

Some people pay for it but will quickly run out of money. So why let this happen if there are 5 ways for you to have it for free?

Here it goes:

#1. Tattoo your web address to your forehead and streak across the pitch during the Superbowl. (Could be risky)

#2. Shave your web address into your cat’s fur and take a video of it dancing to Will Smith then post it on Facebook to create a viral meme. (Could be dodgy)

#3. Create a mass thread on Facebook where you spam-tag everyone (even though you don’t know them) with your web address and a picture of a hot chick. (Very shady)

#4. Create a blog all about George Clooney by stealing copyrighted pictures then post irrelevant links to your website throughout. (Don’t stoop so low)


And here’s the fifth, final and best way to get free traffic to your website…and more importantly – IT WORKS!


Simple Traffic Solutions by John Thornhill. The only person who gets more traffic but works less than anyone I know.


Find out how he does it here.

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