In business, the one thing you cannot lose is your ability to form a successful relationship with your customers. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to forget about this rule, disregarding it for other more superficial business laws.

But as basic as good customer service tips are, a number of people don’t really know how to form long lasting bonds with their clients. In fact, there are actually instances when instead of getting a customer to purchase something – or at least leave with a positive impression – they drive their customers away.

How do you suppose that happens? Well, you’d be surprised at how even the smallest and seemingly insignificant things affect customers.

Below are some good customer service tips that would greatly help you develop a more successful relationship with them.

Customer Service Tip # 1: A Smile Works Wonders.

Smiling is the first thing you can do to set any person at ease. By smiling, you are giving your customer the impression that they are welcome in your store and that you’re there to help them in whatever way you can.

Sometimes, the customer will be inclined to smile back at you. But there are also instances when the customer is not in the mood or is just a complete grouch. When you find yourself dealing with difficult customers, don’t let that smile slip off your face.

In fact, you have to be even friendlier with these types. Who knows? Your smile may just be the thing they need to perk them up.

Customer Service Tip # 2: Remember Their Names.

By remembering the names of your customers, you are giving them the attention they deserve. It pleases them that you know their name.

In the eyes of the other customers, they feel very important. Of course, you have to be careful you don’t switch names up or that you don’t shorten their names into versions they don’t like. This is especially important if you’re talking to a VIP or one of your regulars.

If you really can’t remember their name, at least remember their face. Then you can just say, “Oh, it’s nice to have you back here with us, ma’am” or “Welcome back, sir!” This way, no one would be the wiser that you actually forgot the customers’ name.

If by the end of the transaction, you still can’t figure out what the customer’s name is, ask him to sign the receipt with their printed name underneath the signature. Or ask for a calling card.

Customer Service Tip # 3: Give Them Special Discounts.

One way to improve your relationship with customers is by giving them special discounts. However, if you can’t do that, at least give them some incentives.

Include them in your exclusive sales or offer them special giveaways. If you’re going to have a sale, let them be the first to know. Or if you have a special promo coming up, clue them in on that.


Customer Service Tip # 4: Engage Them In Friendly Conversation.

Dealing with customers isn’t always about making the sale or talking about your company’s product. Sometimes, it’s also about asking them about how they have been or how their last vacation was. Of course, you can’t exactly ask them about their personal lives unless the particular customers are regulars.

For first-time customers, take a look at them and try to decipher what things they are into. If you see someone wearing a cool-looking t-shirt, perhaps you could casually comment on that. The point is to make them feel more at ease with you, to make them feel like you have something in common with them.

Customer Service Tip # 5: Attend To Their Needs Immediately.

When a customer asks you about something, be sure to return the call promptly. Or when a customer emails you inquiring about a certain product, make it a habit to reply right away.

A customer will not wait for days for your reply. Even your most loyal customers would probably get frustrated at such a slow reply.

While you can’t spend every minute of your time simply answering emails or phone calls, you do have to try your best to attend to them as quickly as you can. If the number of emails or calls become too much for you to handle, perhaps it’s a good idea to outsource the helpdesk or support to dependable people.

Dealing with customers can almost be considered an art what with the way some people take it to the next level. However, don’t let this intimidate you and don’t limit your customer interaction to yes ma’am and no sir.

Those that wish to remain ignorant should read no more, if you want to learn what the professionals working in customer service have been up to for years, read at your own risk of becoming more educated, and more powerful in your business dealings.

Having a successful relationship with your clients is very easy. By following these good customer service tips, you’ll not only do your customers a favor, you’ll also be doing your company one. After all, a company can never have too many customers. And with the way you handle each of them with care, you’ll no doubt have a lot of return regulars coming your way.

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