Some coaches believe their role in the coach/client relationship is to make clients happy – valued.

In return, the client follows that plan and lets you know about their progress. They share with you their successes, challenges, or failures.  

Relationship-based business is important. The more involved clients are in creating their own action plan, the more excited they will be to implement it so include them in the planning phase.  

Here are some online relationship marketing tips. 

Ask for their input. 

Keep the questions open-ended so your clients feel valued and free to express their own dreams for their business.

Really listen to what they are saying. 

Practice good listening skills.

Repeat back to them what they say to make sure you understand what their thoughts and process may be.

Don’t risk your credibility by not asking for details if you are not sure what they are saying. Simply ask and repeat it back.

Ask about their goals. 

Offer advice, as needed, especially if their goals are unreasonable. Guide them through the SMART goal-setting (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely).

Send a summary email immediately following a session. 

Use notes or bullet points about what was discussed and your clients’ next steps.

This shows you were listening AND proves you have a genuine interest in keeping your clients on track and want them to succeed.

Ask for their feedback on a regular basis. 

As your client is they are working through their goals and action plan.

Ask if their goals have changed or if they are feeling specific challenges in any particular area.

Not only does this show you care about their progress, but it also shows that you value their input.

Implement those changes immediately, and address any challenges they foresee.

If your clients feel changes should be made at any point along the way,  address it.

Listening to their opinions only helps if you adjust to those changes.

If not, you’re doing more harm than good by pretending to listen and pretending to have your clients’ best interests in mind.

Offer a free upgrade in their service.

This is an easy way to make your clients feel valued.

Maybe this means extra contact with you or access to your VA to work on some of their tasks for a limited amount of time.

No matter what your upgrade, save it for your Most Valuable Clients so you don’t get overwhelmed.  

  benefits of relationship marketing

Keeping clients happy is vital.

  • Your clients want to feel respected and not feel like they’re just a dollar sign for you, so find ways to interact with them.  
  • Social media is the easiest option, either with direct posts or with interactions within groups. No one must know about your working relationship unless your client indicates it’s okay to share that you are their coach.
  • Always clarify how your client wants that handled. You can still build your relationship without being public about it.  
  • Your clients will also feel valued if you find a way to visit THEIR business. Develop a sincere client care skill.
  • Don’t fake having an interest and don’t make a purchase unless it’s something you truly need. Being authentic will increase your trust factor and credibility but you might just find a new favorite item if you make that initial purchase.  

Remember that your clients are people and sometimes they will experience difficult situations, such as traumas, illnesses, or losses.

It’s easy to give support during happy times but during those difficult times, your support is even more important.

Whether that support is a phone call or an email, your kindness will be remembered.  


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benefits of relationship marketing

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