Your website is the best platform to sell online courses 


Because you’re leveraging your knowledge and showcasing your expertise to infinitely more people.

This will lead to increased sales and an army of people who rave about your work. 

Take a look at your business.  

How many streams of income do you currently have?  

If it’s only one, then it’s time to open up that creative part of your brain and create more income streams.  

Have you heard the statistic that millionaires have at least seven income streams?

That’s seven different ways that they’re making money each month. 

Passive income is something of a misnomer.

Work is still involved in creating products or setting up different forms of income. But the difference is these streams of income can work for you almost on autopilot for years to come, long after the initial work is complete.  

So, think of the creative process as work-heavy in the beginning while you can still earn money from them well into the future.    


How to Create Passive Income 

Increase your bottom-line profits.   

This is the most obvious benefit but certainly worth mentioning because who doesn’t want to earn more profits? If you created a for-profit business, extrways to earn income are always welcomed.  

As you well know, limiting your practice to 1:1 coaching can limit your income potential, making passive income streams even more important when your coaching calendar is filled to capacity.  

Regain time in your day. 

We know that creating products and other streams of income take time but jump ahead and think about the back end of the process when your product or income stream is completely set up and the upfront work is done.  

With a consistent, strong marketing plan, you can easily earn money on these passive income streams without much effort, even while you sleep, which means you can take off a little earlier or take an entire day off for fun because your passive income is still earning money.   

Increase your credibility by helping more people.   sell online courses

Think of passive income as a way to share your expertise with an ever-expanding audience. A snowball at the top of a mountain is very small, which represents you with your inner circle of coaching clients.  

But as the snowball travels down the hill, it gathers more and more snow until it reaches mammoth size.   


The same is true of you as you reach out to more and more people, networking online and off, and providing guidance through your books, webinars, or courses.  

In this case, the snowball effect is a very good thing!    


Planning Your Passive Income  

Now that we’ve sold you on the benefits of having passive income streams, it’s time to plan out what those streams should be for your business. Traditionally, passive income often means affiliate marketing, writing a book, or creating courses based on your coaching specialty.   

Of course, use your creativity to think of an idea that’s different from what other coaches produce that will also appeal to your ideal target market. Have a course lesson plan template. 


Create Online Courses for Passive Income  

If you are ready to begin collecting passive income from creating courses, you need to check out the Profit Planner Create Courses for Profit training.  

We’ve made a lot of mistakes while creating courses and we’d like to help you avoid those same mistakes. You’ll come away knowing what to avoid and with actionable next steps so you can develop a course your fans will love.   





Be on the road to creating courses for a strong passive income stream, which can increase sales but also increase your email subscribers, your coaching clients, and your social media followers.   

In MyNams profit planners, one of the modules available is “Create Courses for Profit. When you purchase an annual or lifetime access to the membership, you’ll have access to this extremely helpful tool in creating and selling online courses. 

What’s covered in this training?  

  • The Secret to Course Success? Choose a Topic That THRILLS Your Fans  
  • Why Picking the Perfect Name Will Make or Break Your Course  
  • The Best Way to Design Fun + Valuable Lessons  
  • 4 Key Reasons to Get Help Building Your Course 

Here’s what you get:  

  • TextBook  
  • Workbook   
  • Checklist   
  • Tools and Resources Guide  
  • Idea Generator  
  • Infographic with key points    

This is a complete implementation plan that gets to the key information quickly.  

So, don’t miss this.  

Get access to this when you purchase an annual or lifetime access to the membership.

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