At some point in the life of your business, you’ll discover that the only way of growing your business is capturing and retaining email subscribers 

You need to start building your subscriber list now, even if you don’t yet have an offer to present.  

The most common mistake people make, when going into business online, is putting off building an email list until “later”.  

That particular mistake is disastrous. You’ll need a workable plan to avoid it. Put the plan into operation at a comfortable pace for you, and you will see the best way to get email subscribers 

If you habitually neglect your list or haven’t even started building it yet, you are most likely making one of these common mistakes:   

  • Believing that it’s not yet time to build your list because you don’t have a product to push   
  • Thinking you’re not important enough to attract a lot of subscribers   
  • You’re just plain afraid to start.  

What you need to know about others with huge email lists is that they aren’t better than you, or more important than you, or more charismatic than you.  

They’ve just actively taken the same list-building steps you can start taking today.  

email list building strategies

The time to start email list building strategies is now—not a week before you want to launch a package or program.   

Not “after” you’ve become famous or visible.   

In fact, that won’t happen until you start paying serious attention to building your list of email subscribers.  

Without a list, your ability to land Joint Venture partners will be severely limited—and you won’t be able to sell your business (if that is in your future plans) for anywhere near the sum you can command with a healthy email list.   




An email list isn’t a list full of people you irritate. It’s a list full of people who are showing interest in you already. It’s a list full of people who believe in you. They look to you for answers and solutions.   

This is where your repeat buyers come from who are already 50 percent or more committed to buying products, books, or package deals you put out.  

It’s a list full of people who support you, like you, and are happy to tell others about you and your wonderful solutions.  

They are your single biggest business asset and sales tool.  

Ready to finally learn ways to get subscribers?   

Introducing, “How to Get More Subscribers” Profit Planner from MyNAMS 

This system makes sure you don’t miss a step. 

best way to get email subscribers

What’s covered in this training?    

  • Build Your Community Faster  
  • Create a Simple ‘Set it and Forget it’ Strategy  
  • Find Your Best List Building Mix    

And what do you get?  

  • TextBook  
  • Workbook   
  • Checklist   
  • Tools and Resources Guide  
  • Idea Generator  
  • Infographic with key points    

This is a complete, concise implementation plan that gets to the key information quickly.  

 So, don’t miss this.  

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