To create an online course to sell for profit, you need to do some research before you start. 

First, you want to make sure that you find a topic that people will pay to learn. Research what is already selling in your niche on the subject. 

Also, research the demographics and psychographics. This data is valuable and will ensure that your course is something that people need that is not already out there. 

That simply means finding their pain points and finding that what you have to offer is better than other courses. 

Find the biggest pain point and focus on that.  

Match Their Needs to Your Skills & Experience  

You’ve identified their big pain point. 

Now ask yourself, “Where do I fit in? What can I help them achieve? What can I show them?” 

Once you’ve answered that, ask the million-dollar question: 

“How will this change their lives?” 

Even a small transformation in mindset and/or circumstances can get your ideal student un-stuck and help her move forward with renewed excitement toward her goal. 

best way to sell online courses

Think about things you have helped others do in the past.

Whatever you decide to teach, it has to be transformative – just like coaching. Because that’s the best way to sell online courses. 

It has to help your ideal student: 

  • Master at least one vital aspect of a new skill 
  • Get past an obstacle 
  • Complete a task she has never been able to complete before 
  • Help her understand something that has previously always been a frustrating closed door 
  • Undergo an epiphany 
  • See a significant improvement in her life, learning, business, hobby, etc 

You may end up with a list of four or five ideas or more. That is when you should run a poll!  

But first, make the best lesson plan template: 

  • Is this course going to be a one-off, so that their choices are ‘either/or’? 
  • Or can you position these topics into a series of courses, each one escalating in complexity, building on the one before, and increasing your student’s skill or knowledge level?  

Ask yourself: 

  • Why will my ideal student pay money for my course?
    Am I offering her something she can’t find easily via Google or YouTube?
  • What significant advantage will be taking your course give her, versus researching this herself? 
  • Can I share or show her something that my competitors can’t or won’t share or show? 
  • What will ONE benefit of my course my ideal student gets excited about?
  • What is ONE feature I can include that others don’t?

best lesson plan template

Save your client time by showing her a method that will get the job done in half the times, compared to your competitors’ courses. 

  • Offer a complimentary one-on-one email after every lesson or module, so that she can get your answers to her questions. 
  • Offer a live critique webinar at the end of the course, where students can share the result of what they learned in the course. For example, websites they’ve designed and get a valuable critique from you. 
  • Offer access to your team of outsourced contractors to set up a particularly tricky step. For example, have your expert team members format and upload a Kindle book for her after you’ve helped her edit her novel. 
  • Offer a closed Facebook Group for paying students only, where they get daily private access to you. 

Take the time to research and get to know: 

  • Strengths, skills, preferences, and weaknesses 
  • Ideal student – her most urgent need and what change she needs to make 
  • Competitors – what need they are not fulfilling

By the end of the process, you should have a solid, researched idea of the best niches for online courses that will sell.  

 best niches for online courses

What’s next? 

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