There are so many strategies you can employ when you are to create an eCourse 

You name it, your competitors have probably done some if not all of the above: 

  • Podcasts 
  • Interviews 
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest 
  • Twitter 
  • email mini-courses 
  • Webinars 
  • EBooks 
  • Contests 
  • Facebook Pages 
  • Facebook advertising 
  • Closed beta-launches

So how do you decide on the best place to sell online courses? 

best place to sell online courses

You have to allow these three distinct launch phases: 

  • The Pre-launch (building the buzz) 
  • The Mid-launch (while the launch period is active) 
  • The Post-launch (follow-up; rounding up the stragglers!) 

As for which eCourse platforms and tactics to choose, your best bet is to research.  

  • Do you already know your community well? Then go back and read all their posts, comments, and questions.  
  • Do they love your live videos in your closed group? Do your small beta-launch presentation via Facebook Live. Knowing what you need to do to have a successful launch and when to do it makes a huge impact on your profit. If your ideal audience loves reading and recommends blog links, add your blog to the mix, and start planning short posts on your topic.
    how to create an online training course 
  • Keep it simple. Don’t get over-ambitious and try to cover too much at once. You can always build on your strategies. Adding a new one once your basic strategy is in place is far better than trying to do twenty strategies at once and getting overwhelmed, confused, and discouraged. Focus on how to create an online training course.
  • Work with what is already working. If you already run a Facebook Group, do a Facebook Live video. Facebook Live videos are a really quick and powerful way to get to know your most interested members and have them get to know you. 

We want to introduce you to an eCourse Launch Blueprintsystem that makes sure you don’t miss a step and lose profits. 

With this release, you’ll go through the process in step-by-step detail on how to create an eCourse. 

create an eCourse

What’s covered in this training? 

  • One problem. One promise. One solution. 
  • Find your best marketing mix to sell more courses. 
  • The 3 distinct phases to ensure you get plenty of sales. 
  • Recognize the 6 signs that you have veered off course. 

And what do you get?  

  • TextBook 
  • Workbook  
  • Checklist  
  • Tools and Resources Guide 
  • Idea Generator 
  • Infographic with key points

This is a complete, concise implementation plan that gets to the key training quickly. 

So, don’t miss this.  

Check It Out Here.


If you want access to additional topics that will help you succeed in your online business, then check this out. 

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