Affiliate marketing techniques consist of several moving parts with two distinct models.   

Below are seven top affiliate marketing programs most successful businesses use. 

#1 Review More Than One Item in the Same Post 

Although you may be reviewing a specific product, consider running a comparison review alongside the main product you are promoting.  

Having a comparison chart in your blog post is a big hit for folks that want to see what else is out there and how similar products compare with what they need.  

Make sure you include your affiliate links as one of your affiliate marketing techniques for each product in your review. 

#2 Show and Tell Technique  

 top affiliate marketing programs

Having a video that shows visitors how to solve their problems using a recommended product is an important piece of your promotion plan.  

It appeals to those who learn better with visuals, plus it gives the viewer a glimpse of what they can expect when they make a purchase. It adds a layer of ‘proof’ that you’ve used it and can begin building more trust towards your recommendations. 

Another plus is that you can show how easy the product is to use. 


Don’t demonstrate using the product if you have not mastered using it. Your integrity level can drop in the eyes of the reader. 


#3 Select Your Product to Market Carefully 

When promoting the best products for affiliate marketing, you must be selective in the products you put your name behind. 

Ideally, you have vetted the product and the person who created it. 

Is it something you use, have used, or believe in? 

Don’t risk your reputation by promoting something you don’t know anything about.  Do some research to make sure it meets your standards and delivers on the promise. 

#4 Be Your Case Study 

If you can prove the positive, measurable difference in the course, product, or eBook in your own business, you will increase your conversions. 

If you are just starting in affiliate marketing, you have the ideal opportunity to plan the demonstration experience with the product step-by-step. Use videos, tracking sheets, screenshots as well as real-time success.  

Everyone responds well to videos. Don’t shy away from sharing your missteps along the way. People appreciate that insight. 

People relate to mistakes and failures, so providing your way of overcoming the challenges boosts your credibility in light-years. Keep it real. 

#5 Be Clear About the Specific Niche You Operate 

affiliate marketing products

Resist the urge to promote affiliate marketing products all over the place. Promote products relevant to your list and audience. You will be able to establish trust by sticking to one niche. 

#6 Use Instagram and Pinterest for your Affiliate Promotions 

Don’t overlook these social media platforms to spread the word. Use a hashtag to cross-promote your product review. You can use contests to help extend your reach. Infographics are fantastic for these platforms, so take the time to create, brand, and include calls to action. 

#7 Create a Forum  

If you find yourself being asked questions or your niche has a strong community that you are a prominent part of, create a forum. Base it on the specific area that your fellow niche members talk about most. 

Use the exclusivity principle to increase its attractiveness by making it a closed group with an entry criterion. It can be paid or free, but people still need to qualify themselves. This helps to weed out people who are not the ideal target audience. 

If you are not so well known or your list is small, you can go the opposite way and create an open forum. Remember, you can and should plan to add a paid “gold” and “platinum” level to reward your most devoted members as your business grows. 

Keep in mind that your forum members are also your potential affiliate marketing partner who will spread the word about you. Reward their loyalty with bonuses or higher commission rates. 

As you can see, there are many ideas for using affiliate marketing techniques as a passive income stream. These are only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other ways and benefits beyond what we have shared here. 

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