Banish the negative money mojo and turn it into a money mantra.  

Let’s review mindset tips and tricks, how to set goals you can reach, uncover hidden fears, address negative money mantra, wealth attraction that works, and more.

Here are the seven powerful ways to give your business affirmation for money: 

  • Step 1: Focus 

If you follow the steps and put them into practice, you will find yourself shedding negative patterns and heading forward again, toward the joyful lifestyle and the abundant money you deserve. 

  • Step 2: Uncover Hidden Fears 

Too many of us run our businesses in survival mode. It doesn’t start out that way, but we soon find ourselves being reactive, struggling to stay on top of all the things we’re told we should be doing.  

Distractions bombard us from all sides.  

One of the most frustrating and common syndromes is where you find yourself perpetually trying to use a new tool, or take a new course, and never having time to really learn it or take advantage of all its promises. 

And then there are distractions such as email or Facebook.

But if it was just a matter of managing social interactions better or avoiding bright, shiny objects, we would still see only limited improvement.

When you feel stuck in your business and you aren’t making anywhere near the income you want to make, a few quick fixes aren’t what you need. You need a radical paradigm shift. 

  • Step 3: Invest in Yourself 

What we’re talking about is finding a completely different way of thinking, so that we don’t waste time attempting to solve our money mantra lack in the same old way.

If you focus on trying to “fix” something, you’re focusing on having negative thoughts.

You’re in punitive mode with yourself, and that doesn’t create positive energy or spark vibrant creativity. It’s draining and keeps you stuck. 

  • Step 4: Get Real Support 

Trying to fix the way you run your business is usually about focusing on negative thoughts and anxiety. It’s like trying to fix a broken pair of eye-glasses with adhesive tape when that particular pair of glasses wasn’t even your correct prescription, to begin with.

You can’t read what is right in front of you on the page.  

If that happened in real life, you wouldn’t waste your time messing around cleaning those glasses or trying to reattach a broken stem with adhesive tape, would you?

You’d go to the optician and get your eyes tested, then order a brand-new pair with your unique prescription. And you’d be amazed at how clear things become, once you slip that new, custom pair on. 

  • Step 5: Practice and Embrace Gratitude 

So, what you need is a new pair of eye-glasses. One that will let you see the big picture clearly as well as all the details. 

  • Step 6: Power Goal Planning and Activation 

Only then will you be able to see your path in a totally new and empowering, exciting way. 

  • Step 7 Be Ready for an Abundance Mindset

And when you see things clearly, you’ll finally be able to focus. Thus, manifesting money mantra.

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