Ever wonder about your peak productivity and where your day went?  

You started work at 8 am, and now it’s 6 pm and time for dinner, and you feel like you didn’t get anything done?  

A time diary that will help you learn steps to manage your time. 

It can be as simple as a notepad you keep on your desk throughout the day or a calendar planner app that will help you track your productivity.  

Set a timer at 30-minute intervals, and each time it goes off, jot down what you’ve done.  

You’ll have a clear picture of exactly where your time went.  

Find out the secrets to peak productivity.  

  • Focus 

Do you multitask regularly? 

Do you have multiple browser tabs open while you work? 

What about skimming through Facebook while writing a blog post? 

These habits are huge time-wasters that can make a 30-minute task take all afternoon to complete. THAT is what makes the day go so fast with limited and poor production for the day. 

How will you manage your time? 

What you call multitasking is task-switching. Every time you stop to ‘quickly’ do something else before completing the task at hand costs you additional time, and you lose focus.  

Close all of the browser tabs, turn off the webinar, put a block on Facebook, and regain your focus.  

Master how to manage time at work more effectively. You will be much more productive and less stressed because you are completing tasks. 

how to manage time at work more effectively

  • Reduce Interruptions 

Skype conversations, text messages, email notifications, social media notifications, and other interruptions add up to hours of lost time each week. 

Make it a habit to turn off your phone, Skype, email, social, and other instant message applications while working.  

Between tasks, schedule a quick check-in if necessary, but don’t allow these interruptions to dictate the course of your day. 

  • Pick 3 

Your peak productivity suffers when you don’t plan for it. Avoid overwhelm and bouncing from task to task, trying to get everything done. 

A better plan is to narrow your list down to 3 things you need to get done. Prioritize them, set your timer, and get it done. 

Without the pressure and distractions of an endless task list, you can concentrate on what needs to be completed. Plus, you will be more likely to get your projects done quickly. 

Once those three are complete, choose the next three tasks to do or take the afternoon off. You deserve a break! 

  • Break Projects Down to Small Tasks 

 importance of time management

‘Create a New Coaching Program” and ‘Build a New Opt-in funnel’ are undoubtedly critical items on your list. They help you grow your business and can mean the difference between making a profit or not. 

They can look so overwhelming to do, many times they remain undone because you don’t know where to start, so you do nothing. 

Be a time-management slayer and break your projects down to the smallest tasks possible so you can focus on each part a little at a time. Soon, you will complete the project with less stress and frustration.  

Learn the process and training that will help you learn the importance of time management and put your focus on your money-making business tasks. It comes from David Perdew at MyNAMS, and it is one of their popular Profit Planners called ‘Focus for Your Success. 

If you are ready to take control over the time you spend working on your business, this is for you! 

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You’ll go through the process in step-by-step detail to help your focus on your success. 

steps to manage your time

What’s covered in this training? 

  • 5 Ways to Avoid Business Overwhelm 
  • Conquer Your Calendar for More Profits 
  • 4 Time Traps That Can Hurt Your Bottom Line 
  • Do This and Never Miss a Deadline Again! 

Here’s what you get: 

  • TextBook 
  • Workbook  
  • Checklist  
  • Tools and Resource Guide 
  • Idea Generator 
  • Infographic with key points 

 This is a complete course and implementation plan that gets to the vital information quickly. 

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