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From: Dave Gale

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If you want to make at least 6 figures online this year I’m going to show you how right now on this page…

The 6 Figure Twist: Mini Launch Sequencing

First pick a product you want to promote that you think will help the people on your list…

Then all you do is create some content around the topic of the product. The content doesn’t have to be long. It does need to be good.

Come up with at least 2 – 3 pieces of quality content. It can be a report, blog post, audio or video. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s good.

Then you can send your promotion. Your list will be MUCH more responsive when you sell to them…

See how this works? You give first. Try it. I guarantee you will make more long term sales this way then randomly blasting out the latest affiliate offer of the day!

Sounds like hard work you say? Haven’t got time to come up with all this content?

Maybe you don’t even have a squeeze page yet?

Don’t Worry I’ve Done All
The Hard Work For You!

Introducing: Instant Product Funnel
Your Own High Profit Internet Business Completely Set Up In As Little As 45 Minutes

You are getting a complete business handed to you on a plate. Once you are done you will have:

  • Your own high profit business in the lucrative Internet Marketing niche. Ready to suck in all the leads you want and ready to promote a funnel of 100% instant commission offers on autopilot
  • Your own website live and online – even if you have zero experience
  • Killer high converting squeeze pages (choose from 10) so you can build a massive list – Done For You
  • 10 top quality PDF reports to give away (one for each squeeze page) – Done For You
  • A 30 part email campaign based on my proven Mini Launch Sequencing method – Done For You

You Also Get Fail Proof ‘Watch Over My Shoulder’ TrainingOn How You Can Have The Whole Thing Set UpIn As Little As 42 Minutes And 19 Seconds

Here’s What You Get With Your New “Instant Product Funnel” Business Right Now:

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Module #1
Simple Set Up For Success (Even If You Hate
Anything Technical And Have 2 Left Thumbs)

I’ve included this so that anyone can get set up from scratch

I’m assuming you have nothing and have ZERO experience. By the end of this module you will have a domain name and your own website hosting ready for your new business.

This is easy to do as you just look over my shoulder and follow what I do. You can also follow the simple steps in a detailed PDF download.

  • Your own domain name – done in 3 Minutes and 42 Seconds!
  • Your web site hosting – done in 2 Minutes 53 Seconds. Plus I give you a special back door link where you can get quality hosting for just 1 Penny!
  • One final step – just click a few links, copy and paste 2 lines. Done in 4 Minutes 33 Seconds

Module #2
Automation & Profit Overdrive
(Your Instant Product Funnel)

  • You get a done for you 30 part automated email campaign – this is your selling machine!
  • Your email series is based on my ‘Mini Launch Sequencing‘ method that maximizes your profits, makes you long term sales without looking like a greedy, second hand car dealer!
  • Stand out from 99.9% of email marketers who pitch the ‘affiliate link of the day’. Instead you look like a hero by giving your list top quality content. Don’t worry this is already done for you and is included in your email campaign!
  • Make money on a funnel of products that are promoted in your email campaign. When someone buys you make 100% instant commissions that are automatically dumped into your Paypal account
  • You also make more money automatically on upsells and downsells – some of which are recurring offers…You will get at least 50% commission on all these as well. Again this is paid instantly into your Paypal account!
  • Here’s another way you get paid. One is on a higher ticket backend offer where you get paid almost $250.00 a sale. You still get an instant commission on this as well.
  • Forget copying, pasting and customizing 30 individual emails, that could take hours! Instead watch over my shoulder and follow along with the simple automation I’ve set up to have your email campaign completely set up in mere minutes!
  • This includes your name, the correct link to the free report your subscribers sign up for and most importantly your affiliate links… All automatically added to all 30 emails in a few clicks!
  • Total time to set everything up in this module = 12 Minutes and 42 Seconds

Module #3
List Building Machine

  • You get 10 done for you squeeze pages. You can use any one of them or use all ten – it’s up to you!
  • You also get 10 high quality PDF reports to give away (one for each squeeze page you get).
  • The reports are already in place and hosted so you don’t have to worry about downloading, editing or uploading!
  • The reports are totally unbranded – I have not sneakily added my own affiliate links in them or added my name or website links…They just have cool, valuable information for your list so YOU are seen as the expert!
  • Step by step training – watch over my shoulder as I show you how to completely set up your list building machine… Ready to build you a huge, cash on demand subscriber list in just 18 Minutes and 29 Seconds
  • You also get a detailed PDF with screenshots showing you step by step and click by click exactly what to do so you can’t go wrong

There’s more to come but once you have completed modules #1 – #3 you should congratulate yourself because…

You Have Set Up Your New Internet Business In As Little As 42 Minutes And 19 Seconds

Why can I truthfully make that claim?

Because that’s how long it took me to teach you how to do it! Sure if this is totally new to you it may take a you little longer…

But it’s going to be worth it to have your own online business completely done, even if it takes you 90 Minutes or 2 hours or whatever.

Here’s Why You Really Can’t Go Wrong

I’ve reluctantly added an optional service to the members area where you can have me set this whole thing up for you

This way there’s no excuse why even the laziest or busiest person in the world can’t have their own internet business live, online and ready to make autopilot sales 24/7!

But I’m not done yet. You also get..

Module #4
Traffic For List Building

There’s no point setting up an internet business and just letting it sit there…

All you have to do is get some traffic to your squeeze page to start profiting from your new venture. I’m not going to leave you hanging.

So I’m also going to show you how to get traffic! And these are the very BEST traffic sources for you to go from getting your first subscriber to building a massive email list as BIG as you want. They are all working right now in 2015. You get:

Core Traffic Strategies

You will discover:

  • The three most effective and proven strategies for building your list
  • How to build a massive list from scratch and flood your squeeze page with tons of targeted traffic
  • Why this is the FASTEST way to build a list (get at least 100 leads a day)
  • The ONE method you should focus on if you have zero subscribers and want to build your list fast (and make money immediately)
  • How to get guaranteed clicks to your squeeze page
  • How to flip this paid traffic method so it becomes free
  • 7 steps to consistent traffic for constant hot new leads
  • Why this ‘old school’ method is still a powerful way for building your list for free
  • The free method that works even if you don’t have your first subscriber yet

Free Traffic Formula

  • The 1 sentence that gets you tons of free clicks to your squeeze page
  • The ‘Hot Topic’ technique that gets attention and in turn gets you traffic
  • How to put this free traffic formula on total autopilot for lazy list building
  • How to build a list of red hot buyers
  • The ‘Reputation Method’ that makes you money

Plus If You Say You Get These 3 Bonuses:

Here’s What You Get:

Your Investment Today – Just One Small Payment Of $27!

Why am I giving you such an amazing deal?

To Be Honest It’s This: I want to “impress” you with an amazing deal today… so when I create future offers, you’ll be much more likely to say yes to them.

Truthfully, I should be asking, much more than $27, because I’m handing you your own business on a plate – in such a way it can be completely set up in 45 Minutes!

Heck, just the time you save from creating killer squeeze pages, quality reports and a 30 part email series based on my Mini Launch Sequencing method that gets sales like crazy is worth hundreds of dollars…

Either way it’s a great deal anyway you look at it…

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