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Module 1 - Research

You will learn how to find and select the right niche for you to ensure that you get maximum profits. BUT, if you are a business owner, you will discover how to identify exactly what your customers are looking for.

You will also learn how to research your marketplace to identify what your perfect customer wants (your avatar).

You will learn how to identify keywords and keyword groups that REAL people are using. These can then be matched with your YouTube videos to dominate the marketplace.


Module 2 - Setting Up Youtube

Learn the steps you need to know to ensure that your YouTube channel is set up correctly and optimized fully to get maximum benefits.


Module 3 - Making Videos

We explore the different types of videos that you can make and which one(s) will work with you best.

To make things even easier there are closely guarded tips to make things easier for you and how to edit videos quickly and easily without breaking the bank.


Module 4 - Uploading Your First YouTube Video

How to upload your videos correctly to YouTube using steps that very few people know about.

This is one of the keys to your success and overlooked by over 95% of ALL YouTube uploads.


Module 5 - Making Your Videos Interactive

Have you ever wondered how some YouTube videos have clickable links on the YouTube video that take you to specific websites?

I know I did, but now I'm going to show you 'step by step' so you will be able to do the same and get a flood of traffic to your site, that would normally have been left behind.

I also reveal the normally closely guarded secrets to getting people to subscribe to your YouTube channel as if they are opting in to your newsletter on your site. In addition to this, you will also be shown other ninja tactics to ensure that your videos REALLY stand out.


Module 6 - Getting Traffic The RIGHT Way

Stop bombarding your videos with thousands of useless backlinks.

I will show you how to drip feed a steady supply of traffic, even while you sleep... that WON'T get on the wrong side of YouTube.


Module 7 - Fine Tuning

YouTube and Google know EVERYTHING about what you are doing online and I will show you how to use analytics to your advantage, so that you can pin point your videos like stealth missiles for MAXIMUM results.


Bonus Step-By-Step Worksheets

Inside you will find worksheets that you can complete as you go along to ensure that you record all of the essential data that you need to use in your YouTube videos.

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